It’s an old topic for me, but just a reminder of why you have almost no chance of making a living as a professional angler–no matter what. In a word: Marketability. If ever there was a better, slap-in-the-face example of why you won’t make it, did you see who just got the new Shimano, G Loomis, Power Pro sponsorship? Yep, the 71st guy in a field of 100 Bassmaster Elite Pros.

True, he did win an Elite tournament this year (or yikes, where would he be in the standings without that?) and thus qualified for the Bassmasters Classic in February. But his real claim to fame is he’s the nephew to KVD. Yep, Jonathon VanDam or JVD is just as good, apparently, as the Uncle Kevin in the eyes of sponsors.

Now you can argue it’s a calculated push back to Quantum (KVD’s rod/reel sponsor) but Shimano, G Loomis & Power Pro, can’t lose right now. Virtually every time Uncle Kevin shows up, there’s an almost immediate association with JVD–and the more such impressions, the more times consumers will take note what the nephew uses.

Cheesy, I admit. But smart if you’re Shimano & company.

Yet it also points up why you don’t have a prayer of a new money gig in pro fishing.


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Hey, and even you wrote about it. There’s another impression. lol

Actually I’m surprised that Quantum’s marketing team didn’t snatch JVD as well. Money? Longevity? Talent? What’s more American than a fishing family. The powerhouse duo would have been a great marketing edge.

by George Kramer

Quantum has an excellent stable of anglers–but doesn’t give any of the others a front row seat. It’s all about KVD and everyone else is window dressing. It’s true.

It probilly didn’t hurt that the #1 “Vandam Fan” JVD’s Uncle Mark Zona {& I think Dave Mercer is too} is “sponsored” by Shimamo, G Loomis and power pro…. B.A.S.S. loves it’s family….but the BS stops when the scale drops. I love it when an underdawg wins…CYA