MURKY CONDITIONS this year looking for Top 40 Anglers…

It has been a difficult road, trying to root out the best bass fishermen in California for 2012. But after sorting through tournament printouts, listening to peer testimony and even plowing through an increasing amount of angler campaigning, the annual California Top 40 Bass Anglers List will be unveiled Monday, Nov. 12.

With the evacuation of so many top-flight pros, California has been left with an ever smaller pool of noteworthy bass fishermen, making the “easy picks” harder and harder to find. However, in time for the annual Bass-A-Thon, Nov. 17-18 and at the urging key figures in the industry, the list has been compiled–and won’t you be surprised?

TheĀ  bad news? There is sure to be wailing and gnashing of teeth and there will be no recount. The good news? You only live with the Top 40 results for one year.