You can kiss off dreams of an elongated, wet winter in 2013. The National Weather Service and the Climate Prediction Center has just declared El Niño factors have dissipated to such a degree worldwide, there is virtually no chance our area will be getting  an increase in hoped for precipitation–at least via that route. Instead, we may have to resort to the old fashioned method: Pray for rain.

Quoting from the Nov. 8 report, “ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) neutral is favored through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2012-13.” Furthermore, it determined, “While the tropical ocean and atmosphere may resemble a weak El Niño at times, it is now considered less likely that a fully coupled El Niño will develop. Therefore, the previous El Niño Watch has been discontinued as the chance of El Niño has decreased.”

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2 Responses to “El Niño fizzles: Call off the jam…”

Let me translate what all the sure-fire prediction means GK, it’ll be the rainiest season ever to be measured. AND of course, that will be a good thing.

We’re hoping. 🙂