You’ll never look at your favorite hip-hop star the same after seeing that image of Larry Dahlberg on the flyer for the 2012 Bass-A-Thon. For those who expect (and don’t we all) our bass fishing heroes to come in 30-something packages wearing perma print jerseys, this guy can change your world.

By all means, get to Anaheim to hear the star-studded line-up Rick Grover has in store for you. But if you want to get some new perspective, then you better not miss this guy from Wisconsin. In his world, the rules of the game are not configured in one dimensional casting tournaments, but rather through years of observation and problem-solving.

Whether it’s fly fishing, pond jumping or trophy-hunting, he is arguably one of the most versatile anglers whose name never comes up on

Last time ICAST was in Vegas, I sat down next to him at a Blakemore gathering and in 5 minutes I knew there was a whole realm of fishing I had never visited. Besides being funny and candid, Dahlberg loves to fish and doesn’t mind sharing.

And he has convictions (and I don’t mean that goofy story about “molesting” fish in Canada a few years back–we media types do all kinds of things to make the fish look their best on camera). I mean he believes in what he does and why he does it.

I love this quote I found on-line from a book called Hot Bass Flys by Deke Meyer, it refers to the Dahlberg Diver and Larry’s structure fishing method:

“If I wanted to turn them in, I would have at least twelve to fifteen world records that I’ve caught using this technique. Doing this, I’ve caught muskies over thirty pounds, an eighteen pound tiger fish on the Zambezi River when the world record at that time was seven pounds on the fly. In Tierra Del Fuego, in five consecutive casts, I hooked browns over twenty pounds, after having pounded the hole using all the traditional flies and doing what the Argentines told me to do.”

And you think Bill Siemantel is audacious?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting over to Anaheim tomorrow to hear him again. Hopefully some of my 40 friends will be there too.



8 Responses to “Nobody like him: Dahlberg at Bass-A-Thon”

I’ll be there! I have some questions on mold making, and making my own crankbaits for Larry!

Oh! And I’m looking forward to seeing you again, George! It’s been a very long time. 🙂

Enjoyed the heck out of Bass-A-Thon! It was great seeing so many of my old friends, meeting Edwin Evers, and seeing you, George! The seminars were all good, and Dahlberg answered all my questions about making my own crankbaits! His seminar was very good. He made me think, and by the end of it, my head hurt! LOL I enjoyed Edwin Evers’ seminar too! As usual, I spent more money than I had planned, but I bought some real cool stuff! All-in-all just a terrific day!

I had the same problem walking past some of the booths. I liked the fact Daiwa has a number of reel models that don’t cost $400 (actually, less than half that) and I found spinnerbaits in the bargain bin, cool new skinny swimbaits from Optimum and grape/black Pro-Line casting jigs for the lake across the street. It was definitely worth the trip, Darlene! 🙂

No kidding on the Daiwa prices! A few months back, when I was in the market for a couple more baitcasters, of course I looked at Daiwa right off the bat. When I saw the prices, I started looking at other brands, and ended up buying 2 Lews, which I’m very happy with. But now that Daiwa has a reel line that is not only good quality, but at a reasonable price, I will go back to Daiwa, especially since Curt is back! I bought Norman Little N’s (buy 4 get 1 free), 2 Rapala DT 10’s (25% off), 2-Predator Swimbaits (from Shaun Bailey’s Company), 4 Nollar spins (Little George type lures), and a spool of Seaguar InvisX. I’m glad Bass-A-Thon isn’t any larger in size. My wallet couldn’t handle it!

Dahlberg is a great fisherman and a pretty decent guitar player as well.

And a real breath of fresh air when compared to the one- dimensional corporate “buy my sponsor’s products” robots.

Dahlberg was great to listen to, I enjoyed his seminar and the stories from all the wild places he catches fish. Rick puts on a show. It’s fun to see all the new umbrella and swim bait creations there. CC, I hope I’m not in your robot category…

Troy – I hope not too! You’re carrying a pretty revered name in our sport and living up to it by the looks of it.

I think CC and most of us understand there is a “formula” when it comes to pro anglers–the gear, the wrap, the jersey, the pitch. I think “robotic” gets the meaning across. 😉