SURPRISED ME yesterday in the brush…

Trying to cram as much fishing into the last week or so around Bass-A-Thon and before Thanksgiving and found there were some fish biting. But only a portion of them have been green it seems as the ones with the lines down their sides have been stepping it up.

Just yesterday at Lake Elsinore I was rooting through the brush lines in front of the dike at the south end when I got clobbered on one of those Klinger [ProLine] model spinnerbaits left over from the U.S. Open.

I pulled back on 20-pound mono and the fish pulled me down into the stuff every foot or so on a hard diagonal run. I have to tell you, I couldn’t see much when it broke the surface, but for a moment I was thinking, “Nickerson [Chris] you don’t have the lake record anymore!”

ATE THE Triple Fish at Skinner…

But no. Foraging around in less than three feet of water, it was a lone hybrid striper (wiper). After that, I could only muster a couple of largemouths–12 1/2 and 17 inches.

Late last week, with the dark skies hanging, my son and I plied Lake Skinner. Sure enough, first thing in the morning, Mike got a decent one on the Triple Fish [a Chip Gilbert* FB tip] and I got one moments later on a chugger.

But while we caught maybe 20 largemouths as well, only two of those were over 17 inches.

Of course, besides the fish with the racing stripes, the common thread for both trips was shallow water. The Skinner stripes were over a bar in less than five feet–and virtually all the bass were on the reed edges in less than eight feet. I’ll be surprised if I have to fish more than 12 to 14 feet all winter at Elsinore–with most up much higher.

Hopefully, though, there will be more green fish between the linesides. But don’t get me wrong. I was grateful for the bites. And hey, Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are.


*He’s the black bass record holder at Skinner, I believe.



4 Responses to “Not a lot between ‘the lines’ this past week”

Wow, I didn’t know Elsie had stripers. The only one I’ve caught since I started back fishing was at Castaic and it was only a 12 incher. It bit my red eye shad.

Did you get to try some of the baits you bought at Bass-A-Thon?

Actually, they are a hybrid in the home lake. I did use some Phenix jigs I bought, but the snags here just eat ’em too fast. The rest of the stuff I haven’t had time to load in the boat. 🙂

I caught a 30# Flathead catfish on a jig yesterday….I was glad to get my bait back…LOL

You make the cast and you don’t know what might happen…