RUSTY’S BFJ at work…

Sometimes there is a cluster of activity in a local area and that could be said of the Temecula to Lake Elsinore region this week. On the tackle side (jigs), of course, it’s not quite bound to one location, but because of what they call “Cyber Monday” it’s the most time sensitive. On the other hand, the digging will go on for a couple weeks on the centermost part of the southern border of Lake Elsinore.

As you can see from the lead photo, guide Rusty Brown was at it again at Lake Isabella, catching that 8-pounder yesterday off Rocky Point. Sure enough, that made for a nice lead-in to Phenix Tackle’s 20 percent off, online sale today.


That includes ProLine jigs like the new 5/8-ounce football called Rusty’s BFJ (which stands for what?) You get it. Almost ironically, I got one half that size the week before right across the street on the half-ounce model.

Most wouldn’t have noticed the activity on the dike (I was the only trailer in the 288 space La Laguna launching facility last Monday), but to place it better, the broad “point” portion of the “T” section of the dike is undergoing some changes as part of a mitigation package for work done elsewhere on the lake.

According to Pat Kilroy, director of the Park, Lake & Recreation Dept., the following explains what’s going on (and what might affect fishing in the area when the water comes back up).

“Under the conditions of the 404 Permit issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to the City of Lake Elsinore for the construction of the Boat Launch Facility Improvement Project, the City is required to implement compensatory environmental mitigation. To satisfy the USACE’s permit requirement, the City agreed to set aside and enhance 11.5 acres of the lower portion of the T-peninsula of the earthen levee system.

TWO ISLANDS will be constructed in this portion of the lake…

“The USACE’s approved Habitat Mitigation & Monitoring Plan requires contouring the existing grade on the lower section of the T-peninsula to create shallow islands and pools. The maximum height of the islands will be 5 feet above existing grade, with the average elevation about 2.5 feet above grade. All fill material will be cut & filled at the project site. The two islands cover an area of approximately 215,000 square feet and require the excavation and placement of about 19,000 cubic yards of dirt. The entire area has been enclosed by siltation fencing to meet erosion control BMP requirements….”

And that’s all I got for you.


3 Responses to “Jig’n and dig’n mark local I-15 zone”

Does Rocky know he’s fishing his spot? Nice one Rusty.

Not to worry. Rocky Brown went out and got another 14-pounder Tuesday morning! 🙂

I’ve got the picture of that 14 on my phone. It’s a HAWG