ALMOST 400 new fish were released at the La Laguna ramp on the north end of Lake Elsinore, Thursday…

An unusual benefactor–Santa Ana suckers and their restored habitat in the Santa Ana River–provided the impetus for a DFG transfer of fish to Lake Elsinore, Dec. 27.  While largemouth bass were not the bulk of the 386 fish transported, the fact is, those potential keepers and a nice helping of green sunfish and bullhead will augment the lake’s overall fishery.

In the email I received, I was reminded that Elsinore (a bump in the San Jacinto River) is actually a tributary of the Santa Ana River, connecting near Corona. (more…)

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facts about fishing

Looking ahead to New Year’s Eve here, I’ll be posting the “Hottest Topics” as they have been viewed on during the past 12 months. At that time I’ll also list some of the most viewed posts since I started things back in March of 2009.

In the meantime (quite a surprise), I received a little pop from Great Britain (more…)

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REGISTRATION FEES going up in 2013…

UPDATED, 1-18, 2013. Move that fee increase to 2014 now. Check out the link in the COMMENTS section at the end of the post.

Limited to less than $10, California boat registration fees will be increased in 2013, thanks to the dreaded (dreissenid) quagga mussel. The DMV will collect the money on behalf of the state for “monitoring, inspection and infestation prevention programs on California waterways.”

Yes, I understand the concerns of water districts over costs they would incur (and pass on to consumers) for removing said mollusks from conduits and pumps should the mussels appear.

Yet I wonder if this is more (more…)

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MICHAEL JONES, former B.A.S.S. Senior Writer…

Michael Jones was a part of the B.A.S.S. operation for years, in addition to working as a long-time staffer at Western Outdoors Publications. I’m giving him some space to respond to the latest from Jerry McKinnis.

It’s hard to believe anything you read these days, especially when your own experience tells you it just ain’t true. For me, it’s particularly tough when the conversation comes around to BASS or ESPN.

To hear someone like Jerry McKinnis, co-owner of B.A.S.S., publicly wring his hands and bemoan his travails in generating support for professional bass fishing makes me want to puke. (more…)

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The long-time mantra in bass fishing is “to grow the sport.” But what that really means is to narrow the scope of who are the professional fishermen, while at the same time, increasing the general number of participants.

I said it quite some time ago, but professional bass fishing isn’t about you. (more…)

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I know. Coming from a guy who uses one finger to text and doesn’t know IPO from GPA, talking about “apps” puts me in deep, muddy water. But given so many of you bass guys (and bass gals) are up on such things, here are some notes.

On the topic of deep cycle batteries, I thought I’d pass along the following–new from Trojan Batteries.

“Finding the most current information on Trojan Battery Co. products and markets is now faster and easier with the launch of the company’s new iPad App. (more…)

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A FEW INCHES was all the rise in the Lake Elsinore level…

UPDATED, 3:02 p.m.–Forecasters were all over the board going into the past weekend with rain or showers or trace amounts of precipitation all on the table. In the end, one good day in the Hemet/San Jacinto watershed did get the water flowing.

Between Thursday and Friday, the dry San Jacinto riverbed flow topped 500 cfs, while Salt Creek got up to 250 cfs on Thursday and hovered between 50 and 100 cfs the next day.

The result was a spike in the Canyon Lake level, (more…)

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Since the inaugural Bassmasters Classic in 1971 at Lake Mead, professional bass fishing has made some twists and turns in ownership, organization and opportunity. However, with the announcement of the field for the 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series (primary route to the World Championship) it’s clear (more…)

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THE COMBO view from the Lowrance Elite 7…

Yes, I have Structure Scan on my boat, a pretty fun tool that raises my electronic capabilities to the level of almost everybody around me. Well, I have the HD8 on the console (snug between my Nitro gauges) with an HD5 on the bow, not two of those “lap top” versions that you see on TV.

But while I’m hardly suffering from buyer’s remorse (it makes me look cooler than I really am), I saw something else from Lowrance recently that would have been an excellent tool for most of my SoCal lake fishing, and a monstrous upgrade from (more…)

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SURVEY says…

While I doubt anyone will be surprised, when it comes to fishing tackle, price trumps “Made in the USA”  almost any day of the week. That statement is supported by the latest information from (and likewise

While lip service regarding American goods runs high,  the only time it matters is when foreign and domestic price tags are within (more…)

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