A FEW INCHES was all the rise in the Lake Elsinore level…

UPDATED, 3:02 p.m.–Forecasters were all over the board going into the past weekend with rain or showers or trace amounts of precipitation all on the table. In the end, one good day in the Hemet/San Jacinto watershed did get the water flowing.

Between Thursday and Friday, the dry San Jacinto riverbed flow topped 500 cfs, while Salt Creek got up to 250 cfs on Thursday and hovered between 50 and 100 cfs the next day.

The result was a spike in the Canyon Lake level, up to within 3.03 feet from the spillway elevation of 1381.76. The significance there is, until that 500-acre reservoir fills up, no major flows will continue downstream to Lake Elsinore, which was last measured at 1242.31 feet last Monday. [I just called, an updated lake level was yet to be determined by the Water District.]

ROUGHLY 2 1/2 feet would be needed to cover this north shore landmark…

We know by looking that Elsie did come up a few inches from “street runoff” and canyon drainage between Elsinore and the foot of the Canyon Lake dam, but the big nozzle is what comes over the spillway or is released through gates lower in the water column.

Thus, it looks promising to get a fairly wet storm, but until we get a series of several similar storms, the natural lake will barely have enough water (1240 is considered the risk level for low oxygen) to get through next summer.

ELSEWHERE we’re waiting on the hydrography report from San Diego. Since there seemed to be quite a bit of precipitation in East County and beyond, the report should reveal any changes in the Lake Hodges water level. Remember, it was lowered in the fall, down below the launch ramps, so winter storms will be critical to that region as well.

I’ll update later today when that information becomes available; Hodges had been 22.52 feet below the spillway. [The latest says the lake came up 2.32 feet, putting it 19.20 feet below the spillway.]


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Just caught the “official” lake level for Elsinore at 1242.36. They are calling it up 5/100’s of a foot…less than an inch. 🙁

I’d do a rain dance, but I’m too sore, and my back is killing me! 🙁

Sorry about that…