I know. Coming from a guy who uses one finger to text and doesn’t know IPO from GPA, talking about “apps” puts me in deep, muddy water. But given so many of you bass guys (and bass gals) are up on such things, here are some notes.

On the topic of deep cycle batteries, I thought I’d pass along the following–new from Trojan Batteries.

“Finding the most current information on Trojan Battery Co. products and markets is now faster and easier with the launch of the company’s new iPad App. As the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, Trojan customers (and potential customers) … are now able to access a comprehensive library of Trojan information with the power of their iPads.”

And the price is right–it’s free. Just go to the Apple App Store on your iPad, search “Trojan Battery Company” and select “Trojan Battery App.” I’m thinking, that sounds pretty easy, even for me.

Of course, you’ll probably find more stuff there than you need such as “market brochures, technical spec sheets, user’s guides, white papers, glossary of battery terms, Trojan Tips video tutorials and corporate videos.” But hey, you’ll have it.

Now that’s not to say that no one in the family gets the “app thing.” Those who know my #3 son (Andrew)–videocopilot.net–who also works for Bad Robot in Hollywood (TV’s “Revolution” and lots of other cool stuff) was a key part in an award-winning iPhone app. (You won’t see his name in the press release, but that doesn’t change his role in the project.) From the L.A. Times, take a look at this re: Action Movie FX.

And that’s all I have to say about that.