REGISTRATION FEES going up in 2013…

UPDATED, 1-18, 2013. Move that fee increase to 2014 now. Check out the link in the COMMENTS section at the end of the post.

Limited to less than $10, California boat registration fees will be increased in 2013, thanks to the dreaded (dreissenid) quagga mussel. The DMV will collect the money on behalf of the state for “monitoring, inspection and infestation prevention programs on California waterways.”

Yes, I understand the concerns of water districts over costs they would incur (and pass on to consumers) for removing said mollusks from conduits and pumps should the mussels appear.

Yet I wonder if this is more a confirmation that migrant waterfowl or bucket carrying, water-dropping helicopters are not sufficient risks for spreading the mussels?

The reason we don’t know the actual cost of the increase is the Department of Boating and Waterways has not figured out what they “need,” but I’m sure they’ll have a number for us soon enough. FYI, the guys who boat in saltwater exclusively will not be charged.

Furthermore, looking at the National Park Service information site (click here) I discovered there was also a correlation between quaggas and the fact that only personal watercraft with carbureted 2-strokes will be banned from lakes Mead and Mohave starting January 1.

It had previously been planned to ban all 2-strokes from those desert lakes, however, the agencies got caught up in the issues of low lake levels and dealing with quagga/zebra mussels, so they haven’t acted yet.

But don’t get too comfortable, as the Park Service posts says, “…the park’s 2002 Lake Management Plan states the park service’s intent to ban all two-stroke engines that do not meet 2006 EPA emissions standards in the future.

“The Lake Management Plan went through extensive public review that included public meetings and public comment periods. At this time, the park is moving forward to propose a rule to implement that management strategy. When the rule is proposed, the National Park Service will notify the public through the Federal Register and news releases to solicit comments on the proposed rule.”




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Good Grief

by George Kramer

Thanks for the update, Rich. The need to collect money doesn’t sound quite so dire under these circumstances. Or else someone needed time to print their new business cards….