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Looking ahead to New Year’s Eve here, I’ll be posting the “Hottest Topics” as they have been viewed on KramerGoneFishing.com during the past 12 months. At that time I’ll also list some of the most viewed posts since I started things back in March of 2009.

In the meantime (quite a surprise), I received a little pop from Great Britain from a website examining the whole of the worldwide web and recognizing various websites for their performance record–even minor ones like mine with a fairly limited scope and local (though avid) readership.

SnippetFact.com collects “facts” from all kinds of categories–even fishing–and makes them available to readers. In less than five minutes you can find stuff there that will make you sound like a pHD at any New Year’s Eve party on the planet.

Anyway, while it’s not exactly a Pulitzer Prize they did honor KGF as one “with factual content,” and a “a website with noteworthy content.”

Mom will be so proud.




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Congrats, George!


Ditto! Ditto. Have a Happy New Year George of Good Health, Happiness & “Tight Lines”

🙂 🙂 🙂

Right on!