As reported on, the Bassmaster Elites will not be allowing umbrella rigs (can’t say “A-rigs” although they’re included among Multi-rigs) in the upcoming 2013 season.

Wasn’t expecting a change as the BassMeisters protect their “golden boyz” from things that work better than what they like to throw. (more…)

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NOT TOO WET to fish…

I have wondered at times what it must be like, having your own private bass lake to fish. I don’t mean some pond where the only access is a float tube or walking the bank or at night, but one where you can launch and go and run full speed right down the center. But that’s what I got to experience this weekend.

No congestion at the ramp. No other boats fishing my dozen or so favorite spots–or any other spots for that matter. And certainly, no one peering through binoculars (more…)

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