IT’S TRUE–Bill Dance a Top 5 story in 2012…

Always liked the idea of recounting the top stories in a given year–but it’s a different game on the Internet. The audience (whom I really appreciate for hanging with me the last almost four years) doesn’t necessarily respond to the “big deals” but rather what interests them.

So even though there were a few topics that really got me fired up (KVD and the 70 odd dwarfs, or the potential DVL cover-up about quaggas), that didn’t always match what the viewers followed.

Also, recognize my “numbers” are not big–nothing close to the “hits” they get on, BassFan or Nonetheless, here’s how they stacked up for me on Google Analytics.

Can anyone guess what post topped 2012?

1. Nov. 12-13, if you said the California Top 40 Bass Anglers List, then you are right. I truly never guessed it would have had as much interest (typically doubling the number page views to the next in line), but in fact, The List has been the most viewed item every year I’ve had the KGF website, except 2010.

As for the rest of the best of this past year, here’s how they fell.

THEY LIKED ME dead a lot this year…

2. Sept. 14, Kramer’s demise following a poor showing in the U.S. Open. I don’t know if the viewers just want to see me fail, or they couldn’t turn away from the that creepy, Kramer in the coffin photo.

3. July 11, EverGreen International lands in the U.S. Here’s one that was picked up by the national sites, and got more attention than I thought. The company’s role in the lure business was popular.

4. Nov. 9 (2010) Bill Dance and his little blue worm. In case you think Bill Dance is old news, referrals from the original post made the top 5 almost two years later!

5. Dec. 22, Guest blogger slams McKinnis. Only on the web for two weeks, Insider Mike Jones’ response to a B.A.S.S. interview got a lot of looks from all over the country.

6. May 10, Klein, Clunn out of U.S. Open. Klein over-booked his tournament schedule in order to qualify for the Bassmasters Classic and believed Clunn would not come West either. (We know the latter didn’t happen, Clunn fished).

7. Aug. 5, Lake Mead, first encounter. Curiosity, I guess, got westerners checking in to see how my first U.S. Open pre-practice week went. I can safely say, it went way better than the actual tournament.

8. Aug. 1, Lew’s Speed Spool better than imagined. Probably due to referencing on the world wide web, this was good equipment, but the post still got more attention than I imagined.

ON TOP TWICE–Cody Meyer was #1 on the Top 40 List, and the top post in 2012…

9. Jan. 17, Elites not so smart. This was my response to the Bassmaster Elites imposing rules eliminating “A-rigs” and any other multi enticers from Front-runners to drop-shotting with a jighead for a sinker. Most commented on topic of the year, mostly from the tournament guys.

10. Aug. 18, Lots of sightseeing (more Open practice). Once again, I would not have expected my little ventures to Lake Mead would matter much, but somebody was checking in–like I found some secrets. Not.

Come March, I will compile the top stories over the last four years in an “anniversary” list. There will be some surprises, I promise.


4 Responses to “Top 10 posts for 2012–by viewer count”

The Kramer in the coffin photo is creepy! Scared the shhhhhugar out of me! Jacked me up man! Go Cody Go!

Maybe we’ll do “closed lid” next time… 😉

And, just remember … Kramer’s expression “To Serve Man” isn’t a motto, it’s a menu!!!!!!!!