RENDERING of future Bass Fishing Hall of Fame…

What do a township with 1800 residents and a Last of the Mohicans connection, the site of the William McKinley National Memorial, a city known for vulcanized rubber manufacture or the region originally known for its fur trading heritage all have in common?

Would you have guessed each houses a sports Hall of Fame?

One day we may recognize Cullman, Alabama (more…)

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Not a big “eco” fan in general: too much fixing somebody or something else, and not enough horse sense employed. On the other hand, when we can do something helpful and that doesn’t require recreating the earth, then I’ll take a look. (more…)

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old and new

HARD TO TELL, left are new, right are old…

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for fishing, but it was a very good day to wait for the mailman. That’s because he brought me my first samples of the new Fliptail 7 1/4-inch plastic worms that were reintroduced roughly a year ago.

Why the delay? Really, there was none. Getting back into production, the Partee family in Clinton, Arkansas was making the hard choices of which sizes and colors they wanted to bring out first.

As one who used these baits (and there are several of you out there who I know loved the worm back in the 1970’s) I was hoping (more…)

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There is some argument on the eve of the Bassmasters Classic about new technology that will allow viewers to see where the contestants actually are. Called the BASSTrakk system, presumably by means of GPS, it shows specifically each in the field at work–a great idea for fans, but certainly a mistake if allowed to be seen by the competitors.* (more…)

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lacv1213I know we live in a desert here in the bottom half of the state, but with barely six weeks left in our “rainy season”  the situation looks bleak. Sure, the forecasters are calling for a high percentage chance of rain, but my sprinklers would drop more inches than the maybe .40 they are calling for today and tomorrow.

A check of seasonal precipitation shows downtown Los Angeles (I know, there are no lakes there, but everyone knows where it is) (more…)

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going in

GRANFORS and crew drop another hab…

Yesterday I was out waypointing Christmas tree habitat clusters on the south and east ends of Lake Elsinore. But today, I created more work for myself, joining Quinn Granfors, environmental scientist for the DFW and his crew to drop another two dozen bundles.

With a couple of 25- to 30-pound cement blocks attached to each, we were able to put in heavy-trunked singles, triples and even some quadruple clusters of pines along the 10 to 11-foot contours off the dike.

I thought I’d located quite a few (more…)

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different attempts

“Arkie” style from the 1980’s to the present…

It’s taken me decades to discover this, but I have finally determined the critical issue regarding extended use of the jig–meaning the same jig. It doesn’t matter how grabby, rocky, brushy or grassy the bottom, the real secret to getting your bait back every time…is only casting to places where the fish bite it on the sink.

Maybe that’s why, despite having some very nice moments with the lead/skirt/trailer combo, the idea of bankrolling every rip-rapped briar patch with money I could spend on topwaters, limits my jig use.


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DVL quarry

STRUGGLING BASS are not ‘world class’…

Despite MWD paranoia over everything from MTBE to quagga mussels, Diamond Valley Lake has seen more than a decade of over-touted, then highly promising and now just so-so bass fishing.

Remember the words, “World class bass fishery?” I said it too, but I should have known better. Any time the modern bass angler and his one-size-fits-all, catch & release dogma comes to town–there goes the neighborhood. (more…)

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He was recognized as California’s top bass angler for 2012, and at the time, perhaps the most recognizable Jackall Lures pro. He was also pictured sporting a jersey with Abu Garcia and Powell rods prominently positioned as he fished the FLW tour.

Well now, I can throw away those old Cody Meyer photos. (more…)

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