He was recognized as California’s top bass angler for 2012, and at the time, perhaps the most recognizable Jackall Lures pro. He was also pictured sporting a jersey with Abu Garcia and Powell rods prominently positioned as he fished the FLW tour.

Well now, I can throw away those old Cody Meyer photos. Things have changed for this “favorite son” just as they have in the world of tackle manufacture and marketing. And it looks like things are breaking good for the former auto wholesaler.

Yep. Jackall just joined Shimano. Berkley dramatically trimmed its promotional staff. The appearance from the outside suggests Meyer needed support on the reel side and Shimano needed a stronger connection to their newest lure-making acquisition. The result, Shimano bundled our #1 Meyer, providing him a premiere line-up of  rods and reels, plus Power Pro braid along with his existing hardbait/softbait tools.

The fallout, of course, is Powell Rods might be looking for another face for its billboard (he was still on the website, though), while Pure Fishing and its brands probably won’t feel much of a loss (or need) in their scheme of things.

The irony, as I see it, is perhaps bundling is back. There was a time when some pros balked at being obligated to use only the brands of a single corporation. But with a narrower market and the subsequent need for fewer marketeers, getting the stability of one-stop sponsorship support might sound pretty good to a pro right now.

We’ll have to ask Cody when he gets back from Okeechobee.