DVL quarry

STRUGGLING BASS are not ‘world class’…

Despite MWD paranoia over everything from MTBE to quagga mussels, Diamond Valley Lake has seen more than a decade of over-touted, then highly promising and now just so-so bass fishing.

Remember the words, “World class bass fishery?” I said it too, but I should have known better. Any time the modern bass angler and his one-size-fits-all, catch & release dogma comes to town–there goes the neighborhood.

There is no fishery management tool yet that can fix self-inflicted overpopulation.

Sure, their response will be to point fingers at striped bass or infertile waters unable to sustain a shad population. And yes, these play a role in the overall productivity of the lake. But blaming one voracious species, yet doing nothing to help curb another’s contribution to the problem makes no sense at all.

But that’s the way bass fishermen operate. It’s called “feel good” management.  Thanks for nothing.

As for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, I don’t know if they designed the regs to help the bass fishery or just mollify the fishermen. Just what benefit is there with a 15-inch minimum size if no one takes a fish home? The limit could be 22 inches or 10 inches and there would be no change in the quality of the fishery here.

And as long as I’m on the management subject, how’s that zero bag limit on smallmouth bass working out? Call it anecdotal if you will, the number of smallmouth bass encounters (of any size) are about as common as 10-pound largemouth in Hemet. And if the largemouth bass, while still reproducing with abandon, are struggling to find enough forage, you can’t tell me things are dramatically better for the smallmouth.

But wait, this was a sport fish, last time I looked. If it’s not available to be utilized, what the heck are they doing in the lake? Like spotted bass in Lake Perris, or both spotted bass and smallmouth in San Vicente in years past, if they can’t hang, they can’t hang.

Tell the biologists to submit their scientific papers. At DVL the dolomieu experiment should be over.




12 Responses to “How’s that DVL management working out?”

I have caught one smallie there in the past year. Something’s happening there and it aint good. It use to be “how many bags you need?”, and now you don’t even need to ask that anymore. If you need two, you probably won. Now put some muskies in there already…

Hey GK, my friends & I have kept over 250 bass in the last 2 years. Were doing our part! Lol

by George Kramer

Careful, Guy. The C&R zealots will hunt you down…

by Kevin Linehan

I sure wish they had spots in that lake. Fishing there has turned to absolute crap!

You know where to go Kevin, time is almost here for another slay fest!!!

Kyle and I know where to go. The Inland Empire’s only Trophy Lake—-Perris! It’s on baby.

Two words:

Guy, I’m already starting to pour up enough inventory to destroy that place.

Personally, I believe an exploding striped bass population is the reason for the current decline in the population and overall health of LMB in DVL. The lack of a huge striped bass in Perris is decent supporting evidence for that conclusion, still theoretical. Everybody is so hip to point to Perris as a lake as close to a World Class Bass Fishery as we have in the I.E. Truth be told, if Perris had a striped bass population proportionate to its size similar to DVL, you would see Perris LMB suffer just the same.

I believe the biologists can only manage the fishery within the framework of the variables they can control. Not an easy task at DVL as stripers have thrived and the population of shad has decreased. (for several reasons other than Stripers)

Although I must say, there are many HEALTHY bass in DVL. Over the past several months the fish I have caught have been FAT and colorful. A coincidence? Perhaps, but one thing is for sure, there are some shad left in that lake. The LMB I caught a the quarry a month ago were fat and spit them up like bingo balls in a blow machine.

Honestly, I support a management plan at DVL that might contain 2 important actions:

1. initiate a slot and allow unlimited take within it
2. consistent stocking of tons of 8-10 inch rainbow trout

A slot limit for Stripers (Clarify)

by Scott Robertson

You know When DVL first opened I couldnt wait to get there. although somebody went out of their way to produce a great bass fishery, the MWD has made it miserable to get in with the quagga muscle inspection you feel like your being violated, tags cost money now, great lake to fish but I have lakes much closer where I can catch fish and feel like I am welcome there. I only go to DVL for charity tournies anymore not worth the hassle or the drive to have some 19 yr old kid decide if i get to fish today. They havent kept up with their end of the deal for the extra launch ramp restrooms that are not on a trailer, as well as a couple years ago they didnt refund money for those who bought annual passes when the water was to low to launch. great possibilities absolutely but not with the MWD. Its a shame
just my two cents. sorry for the rant

by George Kramer

Like the 91 freeway in the morning, you either live with it, or just avoid it. In my case, I’ve never fished it from my boat…