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GRANFORS and crew drop another hab…

Yesterday I was out waypointing Christmas tree habitat clusters on the south and east ends of Lake Elsinore. But today, I created more work for myself, joining Quinn Granfors, environmental scientist for the DFW and his crew to drop another two dozen bundles.

With a couple of 25- to 30-pound cement blocks attached to each, we were able to put in heavy-trunked singles, triples and even some quadruple clusters of pines along the 10 to 11-foot contours off the dike.

I thought I’d located quite a few yesterday on Structure Scan, but now the area looks like a forest. Even on up-and-down sonar you can see them sticking 6 to 8 feet up off the bottom. Without sonar, fan casting around you can hit most of them with a Deep Little N. Just check around 50 feet from some of the hazard buoys and you will be close.

Loading up

LOADING the City of Lake Elsinore’s workboat at Seaport Landing.

attach to blocks

DROP ZONE was along the dike…

Additionally, all that new contour work on the “peninsula” portion of the dike is complete. What they did, according to one of the City of Lake Elsinore crewmembers, is plant some 400 willows and other flora and grasses, with more hydro-seeding to come.

Obviously, the little humps or islands created there aren’t in the game now, but when the water level gets back up above 1248, they should add quite a bit of cover.

marking the spot

EACH HAB marked on GPS…

sweet spot

GOT SOME good ones off this pole….

One key thing the new brushpiles will do (and some of these will wow you when you see them on your sonar screen) is provide new spots to fish that do not require getting close to the steel poles along the western shore.

But speaking of those popular fence lines (popular with the fish), I have had some requests to identify my most productive steel pole.

Since I’m a local, I thought I’d be a good sport about it and post a photo of the spot. It’s the least that I could do–so take a good look. It’s been very good over the last few weeks.


4 Responses to “Hab work creating ‘forests’ at Lake Elsinore”

The fry will thrive in all the new habitat. Love the picture of your favorite fence pole, George! 🙂

I’ve seen that one. LOL 😉

Nice GK!! I used to fish that same pole back in the 81-83 time frame! LOL

I thought you guys would recognize the spot. It’s the ones without the round caps that nibble your gelcoat from below. 😉