old and new

HARD TO TELL, left are new, right are old…

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for fishing, but it was a very good day to wait for the mailman. That’s because he brought me my first samples of the new Fliptail 7 1/4-inch plastic worms that were reintroduced roughly a year ago.

Why the delay? Really, there was none. Getting back into production, the Partee family in Clinton, Arkansas was making the hard choices of which sizes and colors they wanted to bring out first.

As one who used these baits (and there are several of you out there who I know loved the worm back in the 1970’s) I was hoping to see the black grape 7 1/4-incher that was the killer worm in Southern California. I caught my first 5-pounder ever on that beauty.

Also affecting distribution was the fact that, around the country, the 6-inch Fliptail lizard (not all that cool looking by Hollywood standards) was much sought after from Texas to Georgia. Those markets rightly had to be supplied first.

injection spot

INJECTION in 2nd sac (top) in originals, end of head in new Fliptails…

So now, I’m still waiting for black grape, but I had to get some blue (just like Bill Dance used to catch the first bass in a B.A.S.S. tournament in 1967) as well as the currently popular green pumpkin–something not available in the “old days.”

From what I can see, the Partees did in fact use the original molds, with a little updating such as the logo on the tail (in my old collection, only the 9 1/4-inchers had that) and the fact the new Fliptails are injected from the head, rather than the second egg sac.

packaging easy to spot

CAN’T MISS the packaging…

The softness is the same, the proportions the same, and the color selection (with the exception of our old favorite) pretty contemporary. There is cherry seed, pumpkinseed, watermelon seed, grape (purple), junebug, green pumpkin, black and blue. There are also some floating lizards as well as sinkers, the plastic affecting those colors somewhat.

But if you do order, note that not every size comes in every color as yet. Nor are the 4 1/4 and 6 1/4 or 11-inch Fliptail worms in production. However, those sizes are printed on the packaging, so that tells me they could be coming one day.

But what I like about the new Fliptails–they’re just like the old ones.


12 Responses to “Fliptails in the mail: package from the past”

I have some of those flip tail lizards! I think I have some of the worms too.

The addition of a few new colors we never had before makes the New Fliptail a real bass catcher. Orby has worked hard at getting Fliptail back on the map.

That’s just good stuff there George. 🙂

I still use the old worms from the 70’s in fact I just ordered more Manns jelly worms in Black and Black grape, ( Love that kool aid smell), And wish I could get a hold of my old favorite worm the Strike King Diamond back in color plus.And George I remember Bill Dances comment was, You can use any color worm as long as it’s Blue.

Besides the great traditions, Mike, the fact stands those “era” baits caught fish–and they still do. I’d kept a pack of those Diamondbacks for years, but the wrap finally gave out after decades in the garage. I only remember them in 5 or 6 inch, I think.

Okay, now I have to open up the shed, and dig around for these worms and lizards. I know I’ve got them somewhere in there.

We call that “taking inventory,” Darlene. 🙂

by Jojo Norwood

Do the new ones have salt in them? I hope not. I liked Flip Tails. I will get some when I see some. I have some lite purple SK Diamond Backs….somewhere in my “mess” LOL Fish like straight tail worms. I do too.

by George Kramer

No salt, Jojo. Could even use a little more “oil” in the bag, in fact.

George you were right, Bass in L.E. seem to bite a lot more on the
Dark purple/blue worms!!!!! Reason cause I’ve change to a Gold/Brown an nothing
For like 2hours. As soon as I went back to Grape colors it took about 4-6 cast and hooked on a nice one. Thanks for your advice!!!!! I just can’t believe that you were able to recognize a worm without its package lol. (Roboworms)

by Ron Comeaux

i am interested in placing an order if you will let me know how and who to contact i would appreciate it

by George Kramer

Ron: If they are not in a Walmart near you (and they are in select stores) you’ll have to go online at http://www.fliptail-lures.com/

You can see what’s available that way and also buy the lures.