Not a big “eco” fan in general: too much fixing somebody or something else, and not enough horse sense employed. On the other hand, when we can do something helpful and that doesn’t require recreating the earth, then I’ll take a look.

Given the California constraints often imposed on fishermen and their equipment, you almost have to.

What I see is not brand new but available. It’s the Larand Products fuel primer bulb for outboard motors and, we’re told, it exceeds EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions standards. You can make your own comparisons but here’s what Larand says about its primer bulb.

Since the beginning of 2011 the CARB regulations have put a limit of 15 grams per square meter per day. That’s the standard. The Larand primer bulb touts emissions of less than 6 grams per square meter–a distinct margin.

Although I can’t speak first hand on their use, this may be something you can check out with your regular outboard guy, or if you’re more the mechanic yourself, it sounds like an easy replacement item. Other than the color (does everything “good for us” have to be green?) it looks like what you’re used to and has no seals to leak.

Just a suggestion.



5 Responses to “Primer bulb: ‘Eco’ not always a bad word”

Hmmm…when my existing bulb goes kaput, I will have to try one of these. I like to help the environment.

Every little bit helps and as much as we all like to just hook up and go,the bass fishing community especially on the West Coast will probably have to become more savvy regarding the environment, politics, the economy, etc – fact of life. There are other fishing organizations that are miles ahead of us like fly fishing clubs and even Irish (saltwater) bass fishermen – in some ways they make us look like bumpkins. They know that you have to be aware and active if you want to preserve or even improve on what you’ve got, for the future.

Do you think this company will be at the Fred Hall in Long Beach?

put one on your boat and let me know if you notice a difference in performance.

by George Kramer

You mean, will the air be easier to breathe? 😉