RENDERING of future Bass Fishing Hall of Fame…

What do a township with 1800 residents and a Last of the Mohicans connection, the site of the William McKinley National Memorial, a city known for vulcanized rubber manufacture or the region originally known for its fur trading heritage all have in common?

Would you have guessed each houses a sports Hall of Fame?

One day we may recognize Cullman, Alabama for the same reasons, but specifically as the site of the new Bass Fishing Hall of Fame. It just takes time–as it surely did for the others.

For example, named for Judge William Cooper, father of James Fenimore Cooper who penned “The Last of the Mohicans,” baseball’s Hall of Fame resides in Cooperstown, NY.

The 25th President of the United States, who was assassinated in 1901, Pres. McKinley’s monument is located in Canton, OH, site of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Before basketball built its Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA, vulcanized rubber was more significant to the residents than even the creation of the hoop game here by Dr. James Naismith.

And finally, the fur trading hub known early as Southhold, became South Bend, IN, site of the College Football Hall of Fame, oh yeah, and that team that played for Knute Rockne.

A 30-acre parcel in Cullman, announced last week, has been chosen as the physical site for what has been only a virtual site of the Bass Fishing Hall.  Yes, it was somewhat surprising, in that a Montgomery, Ala. or Tulsa, Okla. or somewhere in East Texas would have seemed more appropriate. But then, they probably said the same thing about the other sports halls.

Over time (and with repetition) no doubt we’ll get comfortable with the choice. Our Hall just needed a home.




2 Responses to “Give it time; every Hall needs a home…”

Cullman AL is unique….located on a major interstate and right between Smith Lake and Lake Guntersille. Smith Lake had the world record spotted bass for years and Guntersville kicks out amazing limits on Derby day….and has since the 70’s. North Alabama is a nice place.

I agree 100% with Jojo! The Hall should be in Cullman, AL! Look at the day 1 top 50 weights at the Everstart today on Guntersville! Birmingham (the home of B.A.S.S) is right up the road and Montgomery (where B.A.S.S. began) is right down the road. And we have Alabama and Auburn. And a ton of great fishermen, pros and others! What could be a better home for the HOF?