I have no luck with contests on my site–all my questions seem to predate Google. But when I got word on a contest starting today (curiously on my birthday) I’d thought I’d pass the word along. Jack Hooks is hosting a hook designing contest on their Facebook page. Click here. I know there are some technically minded bass guys out there, so maybe you ought to look at this–or just check it out for fun.

Here’s what I know about it. But first, understand that Jacks Hooks makes hooks that don’t require a knot. So yeah, this is not the “same ol’ thing.”

Jack hooks wants your hook designs, whether itโ€™s a completely new hook, a modification to an existing hook, or a tweak to your favorite hook. They want your designs, feedback, and sketches. All you need to do is post your sketched hook design with a creative/innovative name for it on the Jack Hooks Facebook page starting today, March 4. All you need to do is make sure your design can be drawn on a flat sheet of paper.

March 4- Open design submission begins

March 27- Submission close

May 1- Top 10 designs revealed

May 2- Voting begins

May 22- Voting ends

May 25- Top 3 designs/winners revealed!

Designs will be chosen based on the following:

– Popularity (Facebook likes, feedback, etc.)
– Feasibility (Cost to produce, ease of design, etc.)
– Innovation (Is it new? Does something similar exist)
– Marketibility

Each submission must consist of:

– Description (Gap of hook, shank of hook)
– Rough idea of size of hook
– Sizes it should be made in
– Description (improvements, brainstorms, etc.)
– 2-3 sentences on how it’s different
– ANY Sketches

Please reference www.jackhooks.com before beginning your design to see what types of hooks we carry and the types of designs.

The Top 3 hook designs will be produced and incorporated into the Jack Hooks line up. They will be sold online and at any future Jack hooks dealers, as well as any Jack hook booths at trade shows. The top 3 designers will receive 25 of their hooks that they design and the name they chose at the beginning will be the name the hook!



4 Responses to “Here’s the hook: you get to design one”

Happy Birthday, George!

by George Kramer


Happy birthday George.

Will the designs be patented?

If so, who gets to reap those benefits?

by George Kramer

I’m thinking you wouldn’t want to hang your retirement on this one, cc. But good questions. Save your really good stuff for the “big guys.”