threesome anyone

THREE’S COMPANY? More like a party with these DVL dandies.

In these “parts” we used to include parts of Riverside County and refer to them as the IE or Inland Empire. But really, the Inland Empire is more about San Bernardino County, which is sort of out there for bass fishing. But where are we?

Geographically, BSA once referred to the area as the Tri-Lakes District–that is until they had to tear up those patches when Diamond Valley Lake opened. I guess they could have kept it at Tri-Lakes, but then somebody was sure to get left off the guest list that had included Perris, Skinner and Lake Elsinore.

For the sake of occasional fish reports and angling highlights, I’m going with Quad Lakes Region. Sure, I’m a homer from the natural lake, but if there is something worth sharing locally, I want a place to hand those reports.

I don’t have a lot of intel right now, but for starters, take a look at the photo of guide Rusty Brown from the OC with a nice Diamond Valley threesome that came in 8 to 10 feet of water. He was able to use a mix of baits including watermelon/red Senkos, Texas-rigged Trigger X, worms and tubes–clear evidence that the spring bite is well underway.

Other than that, if you want to share some info, a fish catch photo, feel free to send it along. Photos work best as attached jpegs, but sometimes I can work with a straight cellphone shot. But you’ve got to tell me something about the catch. Email here is



4 Responses to “Quad Lakes Report? We’ll try it out and see…”

Hey George,
Tell Rusty to stay off my spot.

Nice bunch of fish

by Troy Lindner

Where were those bass the last times I’ve been there? Great catch Rusty!

I’ve never been to DV before. Rick Grover said my motor is compliant, but I just haven’t felt like driving there.

by George Kramer

In the spring, it’s a solid choice. There are a lot of fish in it and still some very good ones. You just want to be very clean and dry (safest to not use your icechest until inspected, and have not been on an infested water for a full seven days). But if for some odd reason you were not to pass the inspection, you’re less than 30 minutes from Lake Skinner where there is no entry inspection. (They check your boat when you leave). Of course, on weekends in the spring, all the lakes are busy.