UPDATED–After hearing of the passing of Doug Hannon (66) over the weekend, it’s taken me awhile to grasp the impact. The fact that we were within months of the same age probably had something to do with it. But also, having had many conversations with him over the years, (often while covering past B.A.S.S. Classics) I found him both cordial and often candid–a rare commodity.

But in reading his many articles and methods about and for the tiny, clear Florida ponds from which he built his angling theories, because of  his reliance on snake-like baits, plus his sometimes dismissive attitude toward tournament fishing, I admit, like many in this part of the country, I always viewed him with a bit of West Coast bias.

However, as with his first weed-cutting trolling motor prop that Motorguide adopted and his many other inventions, Hannon had a problem-solving mentality that took him away from the mainstream. In that regard, he should be remembered specially among only a very few pioneers such as Elwood [corrected] “Buck” Perry or Carl Lowrance, and certainly Hannon would stand prominently with the late “Lunker” Bill Murphy, another observer of big bass behavior, or perhaps Dee Thomas (and mouthpiece David Myers) with the flipping technique.

Hannon’s passing is an historic moment in bass fishing.

QUAGGAS–Everybody loves a good mollusk story and the recent discovery of adult quagga mussels on some boat hulls in Wahweap Marina at Lake Powell bascially confirms what everyone has known was destined to happen–the Colorado River is now “infested” from end to end, certainly from Utah to Mexico. Clean and dry is still the mantra there, but, frankly, the genie is out of the bottle.

THE MAGNIFICENT ELEVEN–Certainly related to the mussels in part, but also the tenor of the times financially, Diamond Valley Lake will not be hosting a WON BASS pro-am this coming weekend, as previously scheduled. Contestants (and there were only 11 pros, I am told) were notified that the event was cancelled–obviously due to lack of interest.

Clearly, consider this cancellation key moment in western tournament fishing.



3 Responses to “Doug Hannon, quaggas & 11 boats”

I’ve always heard of the East Coast bias when it came to sports coverage (nothing about my 49ers until they stopped sucking) but yes, we share the same West Coast bias. Doug Hannon was certainly a big part of the bass fishing world and a loss to all of us, but – back in the day – my experience with big California bass didn’t jive with the Florida stuff. Still, I carried around one of those plastic dial Moon Clocks like everyone else.

by George Kramer

Yes, and then while touting one great, I whiffed on another. Spoonpluggers, please accept my apologies. That should have been Elwood ‘Buck’ Perry, not George, as appeared first. 🙁

Hats off to the pioneers!!