TALK dominating tournaments now…

Like it or not, it seems the state of competitive fishing is filled with a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth. Cancellations, finger-pointing, with the occasional team successes, have pretty much defined our region. I would be deeply surprised if the West ever sees national tour fishing again. The idea is laughable, really.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tournament topics worth discussion.  While you probably don’t follow the national pros that much, the argument about the use of the umbrella rig (we can’t use its alphabet name due to trademarking) is running hot again. Well, it’s running noisy, anyway.

A couple of Bassmaster Elite anglers are honking loudly about banning its use as if they (Mike McClelland and Dave Lefebre) had some apparent wisdom on the matter. Of course, they don’t and I hardly could hold back the guffaws when I read Mike Jones’ piece comparing McClelland to “Garth Algar” from the Wayne’s World movies.

Never has a pro angler been so well punished as in this read. You’ll have to see for yourself.

However, one aspect that wasn’t covered in the column is how “pro” anglers routinely lobby for methods and rules that give them a personal advantage–or limit the ingenuity of their competitors. Anyone who has been privy to the actions of any tournament “advisory board” knows such committees are a back office means of keeping the status quo.

Still, given the fact that some alternative team events are making news, I did want to pass on something I heard on the radio Saturday morning. The Dream Extreme team event at Lake Elsinore and hosted by the local Casino/Hotel, is actually open to kayaks and even personal watercraft, as long as they demonstrate they can pull or carry some type of acceptable live well.


There were some limitations, noted show host Ronnie Kovach. “I had a father and son ask if they could tie their float tubes together and compete,” Kovach said on air. But, so you know, he indicated that wasn’t going to play in the June 1-2 team event.




3 Responses to “Topic of ‘tournaments’ getting extreme”

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That doesn’t mean everyone will have the same opinion.

Mike McClelland is one of my favorite pros, but someone really should tell him to, “shut up and fish!”

If you don’t want to fish the umbrella rig, don’t. If you want to fish it, do it. What’s the big deal?

by George Kramer

I think you just did…

I needed a good laugh this morning. Thanks GK and Mike.