Drop one

DROP SHOT just worked better today, as Michael Kramer shows…

Kind of like what you do with a hot bowl of soup. Stir and blow, right? Well that’s what is going on at Lake Skinner, here midway through April, where the water temperatures were as low as 63 in the morning and no higher than 65 this afternoon.

No doubt the recent winds and chilly nights (36 degrees) have contributed, but so too is the amount of water being pumped through the reservoir. Campers we talked to said the lake had dropped a full two feet since yesterday (Wednesday).

The impact, was more important for my son Michael and his girlfriend Ryann Healey, who had the day off and let me show them around the lake. And the results were pretty good.

But first, a couple of comments about the conditions. North Bay or North Cove is both clear and shallow, and though you could see some evidence of past nesting, there was almost no activity. And the weed growth was almost nil. We went there first, because of the threat of high winds, but they never came. Instead, we had much better action between the arms and up the south shore.

First one

FIRST BASS for Ryann Healey…

Highlights? Would have to say it was Ryann’s first fish, which was also her first bass and first drop-shot fish was a treat. Our Senkos were ignored all day, but when we rigged drop-shot with 4-inch Bass Chow Frototype (imitation Aaron’s Magic), the couple started catching fish.

Then my youngest son got serious and posted a couple of limits by 1 p.m., the largest weighing 5-1. However, he almost lost bragging rights when Ryann rushed one to the surface that had the mouth of coffee can. Still, it was fun stuff, even when it threw the hook.

Water level changes happen at Skinner all the time, but one way to combat the dropping level was to fish the deeper reeds closer to the dam. But plan B was to fish the sandstone points and bars in 4 to 10 feet of water. But 65 degrees in mid April? I’m thinking we still might see another spawning wave between now and the May full moon.


7 Responses to “April not on cue at Lake Skinner”

Going to Skinner May 2nd-5th for a sight fishing trip, hope they’re on beds! Dig the site!

Looks like a young george kramer from the 70s.

by Kevin Linehan

Steve, there will most likely be a few bed fish but the spawn is mostly done at Skinner. It’s more of a post spawn bite with tons of Bass Fry.

It probably didn’t help that we shocked the entire lake the night before. 802 fish for the night 72% of the fish over 12″ are over 15″. Had a 12.5-13 lber on the boga scale and a bunch of 4-8’s.

by George Kramer

Lake remains a good choice, no matter how you end up catching ’em. Those are stout numbers. 🙂

Thanks for your article . I camped at Skinner this past Friday and caught 5 bass from shore on a drop shot with 4.5 inch Roboworms. Aaron’s magic and morning dawn were good options. I am a novice, so 5 bass is my all time best. Lost a few others due to in attention and poor drag setting. I will learn from my errors. Fun lake to fish from shore. I enjoy your website.

by George Kramer

Glad to have you check in. Was there again today (Wednesday) and hooked nine; broke one off on the quagga mussels and had another shake off in a tangle of reeds. Got one just short of 5 pounds on a buzzbait and had another blow up on a hollow frog bait. Ranger said they will be blue-stoning the lake in early May to kill algae. That usually puts off the fishing for a week or more. Drop-shot a good choice because it holds the bait up out of the bottom weeds–but those will get thicker and thicker as the summer approaches. Probably have to switch to something else then. Sounds like you have figured things out!