Call it a slow news day or whatever, but I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to hear the continued wailing over the use of the umbrella rig–regardless of the the number of hooks that might be employed.

For me, it’s not that there will be a ruling for or against it. Tournament fishing is their game and they will ultimately decide how it’s played. But those that argue against it are all over the place in their complaints–totally ignoring the principle involved. What principle? That it’s the universal goal of every bass angler is to find a lawful creation that will catch more bass.

Instead, the arguments against its use range from “It takes no skill” to “It hurts the fishery,” all the while admitting, the U-rig works, and in some cases, quite well. How can they be so contrary?

What will they want to ban next–that works?

We don’t know because that very innovation is still being refined. But based on the current, thick-headed thinking, it’s pretty evident that the Hydro Wave must not work for diddly! If it did, surely tournament bass anglers would be up in arms over all KVD’s alleged successes with the sonic device.

As for added lure “enticers,” over the years,  I’ve seen a number of spinnerbaits with multiple blades–Gary Klein had one 20 years ago that had 5 blades on the overarm. Would there be any complaint if say a twin-spin (hello 1920’s) configuration had 5 blades on each of its spreader wires? Or, what about a daisy chain–like a multi-bladed Ford Fender trout rig, ahead of a single Lucky Craft?

But looking back, what are they complaining about? Before someone figured out you could bury the hook point back into the body of a plastic worm, you would have had to fish those newly flooded TVA reservoirs with something with beads and exposed hooks hanging out. Would today’s too sensitive anglers ban the Texas rig because it worked too well?

You just watch, though. Something will come up that’s totally cool–but the pinheads will shout it down.



8 Responses to “U-rigs: It’s the principle they don’t understand”

Again, I say, “Shut up and fish!”

Just want to say that my remark above wasn’t meant towards you, George! It was meant for all the whiners!

by George Kramer

No, no. I got it. 😉

I have read arguments for the umbrella rig that talk about the sound machine being bad. I have even recently seen arguments against side imaging used while defending the umbrella rig. Another post talked about how some who thought that the plastic worm was too effective when it came out and should be banned. A while ago, you talked about what happens to the relevancy of tournament fishing if the umbrella rig is banned. The thing that bothers me the most about the idea of banning anything is what happens to the possibility of future innovations in the sport? I am afraid that we will all end up only being able to shop at the local chain store for the same three or four brands of lures.

by George Kramer

Taken to its logical, though extreme, conclusion, I think you point up another distasteful possibility, Bassin8r. I also wonder, just how narrow of parameters are they looking for to define the competition? Why not turn the tournaments into “casting contests” and forget all about the fish-catching component? PETA would support that, I bet.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Don’t kill birds with stones – PETA will be all over your hind parts.

To Bassin8r’s point – the lack of choice is already evident. Not just in the chain stores but also online. As one example(of many), even though injection molds are better in many ways than they used to be, they’re still pretty limited but they are starting to become more prominent (again) in offereings – even from the supposed pro shops.
It’s a heard mentality and it seems to be fed by the southern boys and all that goes with that – once again. Sometimes it feels like we’re back to the 70’s with that kind of influence.

As far as innovation is concerned and if memory seves me – didn’t people complain once upon a time about sonar giving unfair advantages to those who used it? Talk about a real game changer – if you know how to use it.

by George Kramer

Not just complained about sonar, banned it for a time. I don’t believe fear should overrule reason–but it does sometimes.