calling me back

THE DESERT is calling me back…

Weekends are quiet on the web–the fishermen are getting ready to go, are already on their way or are on the water. But I got a phone call from a “sponsor” a couple of nights back who made the comment: “Get some more practice time this year.”

Though I didn’t plan out my calendar this year like I did in 2012, that little nudge told me, if I’m going to get in another U.S. Open, I better not wait beyond this summer. We never know how many chances we’ll get.

But beyond the consequences of having had too many birthdays, I guess you could say I want in, just in case the long tradition of this wonderful event should come to a close. Although I still relish the challenges of Lake Mead and the desert conditions, the bass fishing world is a far different place than it was 20 years ago.

Nothing like the desert

I JUST WANT another shot…

Remarkably, in recent months we have seen two organizations cancel their Pro-Ams, and clearly organizations and sponsors have scrambled for “acceptable” formats. Pro team events by Lucas Oil have found traction, but I truly doubt that putting the word “Open” next to a date is sufficient to create a buzz.

Heck, the laundromat is “Open.”

We live in a time when the bass fishing community has never been more selective–and I really don’t blame them. But what I am hoping as I map out my practice days, engine and equipment inspections and accumulate a bit more lake specific lures and tackle, is that a cadre of anglers here and around the country will also want to do the same thing.

After all, the venue, weather and the tradition are all part of the package. But it’s when you include the finest fishermen around–that’s when you’ll get a memorable U.S. Open. And that’s something I want to be part of.


10 Responses to “Looking ahead to September in the desert”

Good luck, George! You’ll get ’em this year!

by George Kramer

I’m sure I’ll get “something.” (I got it handed to me last summer). But I know I won’t get anything if I stay home.

Well, you can’t win the lottery unless you buy a ticket!

Glad to hear you are going again. Wish I could be there, but I will be happy to get in a few events closer to home and hopefully experience it through your writing.

What was the weather like at Mead last year, George?

by George Kramer

I think we had up to 112 in practice. Not quite that during the tournament. Much cooler on day two–not even a hundred.

You gotta make a long run to catch fish at the open. I’d love to fish it.. I just got 20 ft champ. Ready to tackle Mead. . Deep water points, topwater,doodling and splitshoting gonna win it. 39 lb. Takes the title. Rich Tauber wins it again. Unless Klien fishes it.
I came back last year after not fishing, since 1987. Things changed alot. But it’s still the best weighing in a good bag. In a club,team or pro tourney. George Kramer and Rick Grover should start western bass again. All other organizations should shut down, just club tourneys.

Well, good luck, George! Still too hot for me. I can’t take the heat like when I was younger. If it gets to 95-100, and I’m out there all day, I’ll get very sick!

by Guy Williams

Start working out George! Good luck!!

by George Kramer

There is no getting around the physical part, Guy. Thanks for the support, Dude. Let’s get a line wet when you can again.