what can go wrong

A PERFECT MORNING will stay perfect with a couple of quick tips…

If you’re like me, on every quiet, glassy morning you can hardly wait to make that first cast. Maybe you’re drawn to the perfect gaps between the stick-ups or that dimpling bait along a gravel bank.

You know these are primo spots that have produced on countless other mornings. If your bait can just hit the water, you know good things are about to happen.

So what can possibly go wrong?

I wish I wasn’t the foil here, but let me tell you about three things you definitely want to avoid.

First. The dry line catastrophe. You may have spooled on new line last night and have preset your casting dial. But here in the “desert” low humidity will offset your best plans. Do not make a cast without dripping a couple of handfuls of water on your spool–or at the least, spraying the line with Reel Magic or another line treatment.

There is only one chance for the perfect first cast–and if you blow it up with a dry line backlash–you’re toast!

Second. The no-look drag check. It’s not tight drags that spoil a shot at your first fish. It’s the drag you backed off at the end of the last trip that might let you work the bait and even set the hook. But when that first aerial head shake comes, it’s too late to reach over and tighten it up.

The third thing you want to avoid–the retied retie–might actually happen first. You’re a little anxious, but you know you’ve got to be smart–so you retie in the dim morning light. But your partner says something amusing and you briefly lose focus. In an instant, instead of clipping the tag end, you snip the main line, and now you’ve got to start over.

A simple annoyance? A dumb move, right? So you hurry to make up for the time you just wasted–and sure enough, you head down the road to ruin. The hasty knot is a bad knot. And that little break in your regular routine easily leads to forgetting the drag check or taking steps to avoid the dry line backlash.

Trust me on these. I’ve made every mistake in the book.






3 Responses to “What can possibly go wrong? Here’s three…”

Been there, done that! Good advice, George.

by Mike Jones

Thanks for the tips, George. Now I’ll know what to look out for when I get older.

Hey Mike, I resemble that remark!