Quiet Wednesday


Doing a little sight-seeing today and took a few shots from the launch ramp since the overlook at the west end is closed Monday through Wednesday.

Guys were definitely taking advantage of those half-priced Wednesday rentals, but I was surprised there weren’t more trailers in the lot.

One thing I did notice was a line of green stuff (more…)

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FLOAT TUBERS won’t have to kick very far to these rocks in the Dream Extreme contest at Lake Elsinore…

This weekend and beyond, team tournaments will be the topic of interest for the guys who cast for cash (and prizes). Some brand new events are on the board along with a more established, 2-lake event in San Diego County.

Anglers Marine’s third leg in its Owner Appreciation circuit moves to Lake Castaic on Saturday, June 1, with the $160 entry event featuring a range of categories from pro to rookie with several spots in between.

The carrot at the end of this 5-contest trail is a shiny new rig–and that is one reason so many have stayed with it this year. (more…)

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Having charted the numbers in recent years, there has been a clear trend relative to risk-rewards in pro level tournament fishing. Quite obviously, the risk has not matched up well with potential rewards and we saw that yet again with the Everstart Tournament at the Delta a few days back.

The winner? He did okay. (more…)

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Oh the horror! Our own Kevin Stewart, disqualified for fishing in an off-limits area in Thursday’s FLW Tour event. What’s wrong with that guy? Surely this will cast a pall over every Westerner who wants to try professional bass fishing!

Or will it? Do I have time to list every professional angler who has violated a tournament rule and had all or at least part of his catch disqualified? (more…)

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Izzy gettin em

SPRING is where you find it…

You look at the calendar and sure enough, May still falls in “the springtime” everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. But relative to annual behavior of black bass, there are specific things going on in a given environment, and using 30/31-day increments is not the best way to gauge a plan of attack.

Locally in the bottom half of the state, the bulk of the spawning activity is over. Yet that’s not universally true as you move farther north. It takes longer for those waters to warm–based upon the amount of sunlight available. I think we understand this, but it’s possible to get ahead of ourselves. (more…)

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FREE SOFTWARE updates add new capabilities to your HDS Gen 2.

One of the great fears of shelling out cash for new electronic gear is that the equipment is barely bolted on before the manufacturer is touting an even newer version. When I got my HDS Gen 2 a year ago in April, that certainly crossed my mind.

But today (May 13), I can say that I won’t be putting the same money into my U.S. Open prep for 2013, because Lowrance is offering free software updates to the HDS Gen2 as well as the newer Touch [screen] version.

These updates are available as an online download, (more…)

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You might like hunting for Bigfoot or Celebrity Ghosts, but something discovered just recently in Florida is sure to cause concerns in bass fishing. The irony, of course, the biologists in Florida were not hunting for a new species of bass, but sure enough, when the DNA results came back, what they found that looked like a spotted bass–wasn’t.

And now watch. We’ll get to deal with it. (more…)

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NOT THAT green of water to me, but they’re going to kill algae, May 9.

Since an ounce of prevention is probably worth several of gallons of gasoline, I thought I’d pass along what I learned today (Tuesday) about the water treatment schedule at Lake Skinner.

As is customary at the Riverside County reservoir, blue-stoning (treating with copper sulphate to kill algae) takes place several times a year in the warmer months.

It’s kind of a good news/bad news situation. The bad news is, when they stone the lake–they shut the reservoir down to boating. The good news is, (more…)

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In a furious attempt to better rank the top fishermen across the country (and hopefully put me and the California Top 40 List out of business) the Professional Anglers Association (PAA) and BassRankings.com have joined forces to rate individual bass fishermen. Funny, I didn’t read about this on Bassfan.com and their “World Rankings.”

But so you know, BassRankings.com is a site devoted to keeping statistics (more…)

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