In a furious attempt to better rank the top fishermen across the country (and hopefully put me and the California Top 40 List out of business) the Professional Anglers Association (PAA) and have joined forces to rate individual bass fishermen. Funny, I didn’t read about this on and their “World Rankings.”

But so you know, is a site devoted to keeping statistics and ranking tournament bass anglers. It currently ranks more than 40,000 anglers across five levels of competition. The PAA is the latest incarnation of a professional (but not all) bass fisherman advocacy group.

What we have learned from the latest news release is: “For some time, the PAA and Bass Rankings have been working together to track the PAA’s Angler of the Year standings and rank its anglers. That cooperation finally came together recently when the PAA launched the Rankings section on its website,

“Using an API plug-in provided by Bass Rankings, PAA competitors can click on the “Rankings” tab at the top of to find instantaneous standings results from the most recent events.”

The fact is, when I started the California Top 40 List back in the mid 1990’s (in Fishing and Hunting News, actually) the effort was based much in part on a lot of ride-alongs, covering tournaments in person and combing newspapers for out-of-area results. More recently, if the truth be known, I’ve even peeked at to support our (California) guys’ positioning.

So who knows? One day maybe the stat guys will figure out how to factor in guides, trophy hunters/swimbaiters and live bait guys who reside in the Golden State–and then I can retire.

I can dream, can’t I?



One Response to “Spanking the rankings–can I say that?”

I know a lot of people will be disappointed if you do not publish your yearly Top 40 list. They won’t be able to debate with you anymore! 🙂