NOT THAT green of water to me, but they’re going to kill algae, May 9.

Since an ounce of prevention is probably worth several of gallons of gasoline, I thought I’d pass along what I learned today (Tuesday) about the water treatment schedule at Lake Skinner.

As is customary at the Riverside County reservoir, blue-stoning (treating with copper sulphate to kill algae) takes place several times a year in the warmer months.

It’s kind of a good news/bad news situation. The bad news is, when they stone the lake–they shut the reservoir down to boating. The good news is, they shut down the reservoir to boating.

As most bass anglers have experienced, the initial presence of these chemicals is no boon to fishing and many guys I’ve talked to over the years say the bass bite can go south for as much as two weeks. Of course, that can also be a built-in excuse for not catching much–or not searching for fish in adjacent (or deeper) areas that don’t appear to be affected. A week is probably plenty of time to let it rest.

Still, there is nothing worse than driving to the lake and getting turned away, especially when it has nothing to do with “clean and dry.” So heads up. I just got word from Mr. Bob Muir of MWD. They are treating the lake this Thursday, May 9, so the reservoir will be closed to boating.

But as long as we’re on the topic of temporary or partial closures, May 17-19 Skinner will host the MWD’s annual Solar Cup so “half the lake” will be closed during that period. Launching will be out of ramp #2 as the competing solar-powered craft will be operating in North Bay (main ramp side).

Also the lake (not the park) will be closed May 31-June 2 for the annual Temecula Valley Wine & Balloon Festival, always a big event in this part of the world.

Adjust your schedules accordingly.


2 Responses to “First blue-stoning of the year at Skinner…”

Thanks for reminding me why I DON’T want to move back to So Cal!

by George Kramer

BTW: was out there Wednesday, May 15, and encountered a new wrinkle in the lake procedure. They now are checking livewells BEFORE you go in as well as before you leave. (Only takes a few moments, though).