FREE SOFTWARE updates add new capabilities to your HDS Gen 2.

One of the great fears of shelling out cash for new electronic gear is that the equipment is barely bolted on before the manufacturer is touting an even newer version. When I got my HDS Gen 2 a year ago in April, that certainly crossed my mind.

But today (May 13), I can say that I won’t be putting the same money into my U.S. Open prep for 2013, because Lowrance is offering free software updates to the HDS Gen2 as well as the newer Touch [screen] version.

These updates are available as an online download, and they include “GoFree™ Wireless compatibility, Chart Sharing, Depth Contour Shading, StructureMap™ HD, extensive mapping options and a host of performance improvements. In addition, the Gen2 Version 2.0 update brings existing advanced features of the newer Touch series to HDS Gen2 users.”

For example GoFree Wireless integration enables “wireless connectivity between the displays and supported tablets, mobile phones and computers.”  For the guys with the HDS Gen2 Touch, “Version 2.0 software and compatible tablet can wirelessly view and control their displays and fully interface with engine data, fuel information sensors and transducers, to name a few.”

I’m not sure how much I might use those kinds of features, but no matter, all I need is a 2 GB memory card. The enhanced screen images on my HDS, though, looks very cool. According to Lowrance: “The new Version 2.0 software also features StructureMap HD capability allowing users to convert recorded StructureScan® HD sonar logs into stunning high-definition underwater maps of lakes (or) rivers….” (Note photo depiction).

Depending on your tech aptitude, of course, (mine is sill mired in the 1960’s) you’ll probably see way more advantages with the full complement of Lowrance updates than me. And you’ve got to like the price–free, starting today. Just go to www.lowrance.com/en-US/Software-Updates.



2 Responses to “Did somebody say free updates?”

by Jason Prewitt

The new update seems pretty darn good Mr. Kramer. I got my HDS 9 Touch at Bassathon in November and, in addition to these new features, also seems to have fixed my entire unit totally freezing up when I touch the map screen while moving. (total boat power reboot needed to fix it btw…Also, does this mean I can use the console unit’s Navionics chip on my new front unit when I get it? I wonder…

by George Kramer

Not a bad question–I guess the Lowrance tech guys can say. I know that currently, I can’t view my Structure Scan up and down image on my HD5, which would have been a great asset in my view. I don’t know that the upgrade will change that, given the HD5 is an “older” model.