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SPRING is where you find it…

You look at the calendar and sure enough, May still falls in “the springtime” everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. But relative to annual behavior of black bass, there are specific things going on in a given environment, and using 30/31-day increments is not the best way to gauge a plan of attack.

Locally in the bottom half of the state, the bulk of the spawning activity is over. Yet that’s not universally true as you move farther north. It takes longer for those waters to warm–based upon the amount of sunlight available. I think we understand this, but it’s possible to get ahead of ourselves.

The spring season is not a static thing. To the point, Rusty Brown, an Orange County guide has been fishing Lake Isabella on the Kern River this past week. Because of snow melt (as little as there is this year) that lake is running from 63 to 66 degrees as the lake slowly rises. By contrast, our lakes have already cracked 70 degrees.

For that reason, with what Brown calls “2-3 feet visibility” he’s finding fish in small groups on small rock and stick-up areas in five to as deep as 12 feet. The book on such a depth range–and the condition of the fish–suggests some are on beds, but some of the larger ones are holding just off. Of course, the rising water obscures the exact positioning and the water clarity, I imagine, makes it hard to pinpoint some beds.

But the fact is, at that latitude (and elevation) the fish are “up”–one of those sirloins of opportunity. According to Brown, several baits have been getting results, as you might expect. However,  it turns out, the nice pair pictured came on the 3/8-ounce Pro-Line football head, known as Rusty’s Big Fish Jig.

Significantly, it’s important to remember as you climb the latitude ladder it’s possible to find fish on the front side of their spawning cycle, all the way up to Clear Lake and on to Shasta and beyond.

Yet, the lesson is probably a 12-month axiom. Don’t predetermine what the fish are doing until you’ve seen the conditions in front of you.



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Hello George;

And now for the shameless plug.

That Rusty Brown Phenix ProLine Jig can now be purchased at Angler’s Marine in Anaheim!

Nice fish Rusty. You still owe me a trip. LOL