FLOAT TUBERS won’t have to kick very far to these rocks in the Dream Extreme contest at Lake Elsinore…

This weekend and beyond, team tournaments will be the topic of interest for the guys who cast for cash (and prizes). Some brand new events are on the board along with a more established, 2-lake event in San Diego County.

Anglers Marine’s third leg in its Owner Appreciation circuit moves to Lake Castaic on Saturday, June 1, with the $160 entry event featuring a range of categories from pro to rookie with several spots in between.

The carrot at the end of this 5-contest trail is a shiny new rig–and that is one reason so many have stayed with it this year.

Also this weekend is a first-time event called the Lake Elsinore Dream Extreme bass tournament (June 1-2), which also features catfish, crappie and wiper big fish pots, tagged fish and product use (Typhoon Sunglasses, for one) bonus cash, as well.

Sponsored by the Lake Elsinore Casino and Hotel as well as Ronnie Kovach’s Radio Outdoors Expeditions, this unusual formatted event ($100 entry fee) will permit float tubes, kayaks, assorted vessels and bass boats as long as they have the means to keep fish alive. It launches out of the new La Laguna ramp.

Finally, and later in the summer, is the annual El Cajon Ford Team Open featuring one day on Lower Otay Lake and one day on El Capitan. This contest features a base $400 per team entry fee with another $100 in other options available. Besides the two lakes, the tournament also has a quirky points rather than pounds measure to decide the finishers.

Taken in total, it appears there is more than one way to run a bass tournament. And at the end of the summer it should be clear which of the formats finds the most favor among competitive anglers.


9 Responses to “Tournament calendar: Pick your format”

I’m fishing the Angler’s Owner’s tournament at Castaic on Saturday. It should be a fun time for sure! The best part is the BBQ afterwards! Supposed to be a steak BBQ, but I’ll probably be so hungry that I’ll eat just about anything that is on the grill!

There is also a float tube derby at the lower lake on Saturday.

I’m in the lake Elsinore tournament. Where do we sign up for the side pots catfish the Friday. Meeting?

I’m all in for the Elsinore Dream Derby. There is a better shot for some cash if you dip your toe in the other species categories. Getting a two rod stamp and hoping to tangle into some whisker fish while going for the green ones.

by George Kramer

Edward, I have no idea. At the Casino, maybe? I’m not involved with the event.

Edward, its $100 for the event regardless of what species you target.

Thanks good luck

by Guy Williams

Castaic for me, nothing like waking up at 2am to make the drive up the hill. Coming back home is going to be killer! Driving while sleep deprived is not like it used to be when I was young, sooo like my sleep now a days!!

What is that saying again?

Oh yeah!

Old tournament fisherman never die, they just get tired.

Speaking from experience of course.

Good luck everyone.

Guy, I’m getting up at 2:15am to make the drive up the hill. I plan on driving fast, since I won’t have to tow my boat…hence the extra 15 minutes of sleep!