Quiet Wednesday


Doing a little sight-seeing today and took a few shots from the launch ramp since the overlook at the west end is closed Monday through Wednesday.

Guys were definitely taking advantage of those half-priced Wednesday rentals, but I was surprised there weren’t more trailers in the lot.

One thing I did notice was a line of green stuff starting to pile-up along the northeast side of the marina cove.

natural view

NATURAL view harder to see…


ENHANCED look at the water color…

Last year, if you recall, that area got locked up pretty heavy with thick green algae that would float a cell phone if you dropped one. If you look closely, you can see the contour of the grass starting to form.

Without a filter, it’s harder to see with the natural light, but I added some contrast back in the office.

As far as the lighter traffic, a local observer said, “When it starts to get color, the guys stay away. Already that [snot] moss is starting to grow.”

Anyway, I wasn’t fishing, but at least you get a look at things.