the shape

IT’S NOT a traditional “popper.”

I know it’s all about the money, and frankly, it didn’t help their cause when I didn’t buy Berkley’s, burbling Frenzy Popper when the Frenzy line was all the marketing frenzy.

We sometimes blame the corporations for the untimely discontinuance of certain of our favored tools. On the other hand, there may have been something stranger at hand when this particular topwater disappeared.

One, in particular, was Berkley’s “scientific approach” (more…)

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There was a time when the annual U.S. fishing tackle trade show was the center of the universe, but in a global market, the fact is, product introductions are as likely to pop up on the other side of the planet, as in Las Vegas next month.

Taking a look at the “winners” from the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (more…)

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All the “good” ideas in bass fishing come from the West, right? But sometimes they just take a little bit longer to move across the country. Case in point, the lower level BFL tournament in North Carolina last weekend where one of the contestants was looking to assure he got the big fish money in the event at Lake Wylie.

At that time, John Hoyle (or is it Brian Hoyle?) apparently borrowed a page from Californian (more…)

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suits for blog

GOOD SHOW, bad fit…

I know it dates me, but the truth be known, I don’t like “slim fit” suits. Frankly, even a younger, athletic guy looks like he bought the wrong size.

Likewise, I have no interest in Go-Pro cameras. I’m not saying one shouldn’t buy the gear. They are fun and ideal for a younger, techno generation that likes replaying exuberant fist-pumping and such, not to mention, opportunities to get on World’s Dumbest Daredevils.

I apologize, of course. (more…)

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bluestone again

LAKE SKINNER gets the copper sulphate again tomorrow.

We can debate how long or to what degree treating the algae will affect the the bass bite. But one thing you won’t be able to do tomorrow is launch–they’re closing Lake Skinner, June 17, as they “bluestone” for the second time in five weeks.

Was out again this morning, trying to take advantage of what has been a very productive topwater bite, but the fog burnt off in less than an hour (more…)

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Like many others, I had no idea Kevin VanDam had retired from tournament bass fishing. I mean, I think I still see him on old B.A.S.S. re-runs and Bass Pro Shops commercials, don’t I? Still, I just checked in on the World Rankings, and right there on the home page, there is no KVD! (more…)

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Despite hovering more than 50 points out of 10th place on the FLW Tour, Ish Monroe is having a very good year in his two-circuit season so far. In fact, as the fourth place pro in the Bassmaster Elites behind Edwin Evers, Skeet Reese and KVD, just one more good finish on the other side with the FLW guys and Monroe could be looking at “Best of” status in his home state. (more…)

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Don’t look for the all the luxury options on my personal rig as yet, but if you’ve had tunnel vision for just your sonar and all the updating, maybe you haven’t heard what’s brewing with future of bass boats. Indeed, the next generation of bass anglers will be picking from a whole different page than those guys whose first boat was a TR3. (more…)

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Rico in the morning

THEY BIT that fry pattern Rico so Michael Kramer had a nice morning.

We’re all well familiar with the mode of the touring pro. They see dark cloud on the horizon, a butterfly on the east bank or last desert pupfish doing the side stroke and they immediately change gears; change lures, or change locations. Sometimes, conditions change in a heartbeat and these fine-tuned anglers make seamless adjustments enroute to their money-winning sacks.

But not every condition change happens spontaneously. You don’t have to wait for the that last minute knock from Mr. Opportunity, but rather, there are plenty of times you know what’s up ahead of time.

Really. Tide changes? They’ve got a book on the whole year. Activity tables? Pretty apparent they didn’t print that this morning. Weather reports, dam releases, partial or total lake closures. All these usually come as a heads-up in some form of media. (more…)

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