Rico in the morning

THEY BIT that fry pattern Rico so Michael Kramer had a nice morning.

We’re all well familiar with the mode of the touring pro. They see dark cloud on the horizon, a butterfly on the east bank or last desert pupfish doing the side stroke and they immediately change gears; change lures, or change locations. Sometimes, conditions change in a heartbeat and these fine-tuned anglers make seamless adjustments enroute to their money-winning sacks.

But not every condition change happens spontaneously. You don’t have to wait for the that last minute knock from Mr. Opportunity, but rather, there are plenty of times you know what’s up ahead of time.

Really. Tide changes? They’ve got a book on the whole year. Activity tables? Pretty apparent they didn’t print that this morning. Weather reports, dam releases, partial or total lake closures. All these usually come as a heads-up in some form of media.

One of those opportunities  (I’m pretty darn proud to admit)  came this morning. That doggone Lake Skinner, the one that shut me out twice last year for blue-stoning. Well, I got payback this morning.

Golden retriever

WHAT THE HEY, I tried that new Golden Retriever color in the Rio Rico…

Yep. The annual Wine and Balloon Festival in the park grounds? It closed down the whole lake from last Friday through this morning. And who had the first bass boat in line (of maybe three)? Yep, again. My son Michael and I.

Add to this “rested” lake, the forecast of clouds through mid morning and you have the recipe for a crushing topwater bite. [And I’d like to thank my sponsors…]

It was definitely a Rico day to remember for the Kid. He had five and a couple more crash and misses after just 30 minutes. The always reliable Rico in the Fry color on 10-pound had him bendo on his first cast and often until 9:30.

Fishing the larger Rio Rico, first in clear, and then after getting five, switching to a new color called “Golden Retriever” I got one a sniff under 6 pounds, while the kid’s best went 4-8 and 4-15. (So yeah, we rounded a couple off).

Anyway, the same forecast is set for tomorrow–with the exact same temperature forecast. Thus, I would recommend everything from the mouth of Ramp #2 to the four-foot water, in and around the grass “stalks” going east from there. Some of the fish were closer to the bank and others were out on the flat. With the riffled surface, it was near perfect.

And I bet it happens again tomorrow.

What’s that you’re hearing? That’s Opportunity posting on the web.


2 Responses to “Opportunity knocks & sometimes calls ahead”

Lots of fish caught at lake Elsinore. Tournament. Im Sorry you didn’t compete in it. But I represented. The locals. Managed to win the monster. Cat with 9.8 only 2 bass however.I was suprised by the amount. Of bass limits. The event was fun

by George Kramer

For that Skinner topwater bite, who (but the forecasters) would have known that overcast would continue through Wednesday. Didn’t burn off until 10:30. Hope someone got into that action… 🙂