Don’t look for the all the luxury options on my personal rig as yet, but if you’ve had tunnel vision for just your sonar and all the updating, maybe you haven’t heard what’s brewing with future of bass boats. Indeed, the next generation of bass anglers will be picking from a whole different page than those guys whose first boat was a TR3.

In the beginning, carpet on the deck was actually an option, rather than standard for inland users. It was on my Tidecraft Snapper in 1974. Heck, rub rails, power trim and livewell aeration were almost futuristic notions in the beginning.

But now, from what I’ve heard, you can get keyless storage locking on your Nitro. Yeah. Push the button and just like your truck, you can walk away, gear secure. Don’t ask me about horns or flashing lights. I really don’t know the details. But I’ve made enough dashes from the parking lot to the fast food joint, worried I had not put a key in every slot.

But on the horizon, don’t be surprised if there is even more available: like heated seats and steering wheels from Ranger! You could argue that when it gets to be 40 degrees outside, you don’t have to go fishing that day. But for the serious tournament guy, or the guy who lives in the Hinterlands of Northern California, heated seats probably sound pretty…well, cool.

Anyway, I think it’s a great step forward in bass fishing innovations. Your boat is everything when you’re out there. Sounds like soon, it can be even more.


5 Responses to “You want options? They’ll give you options”

It would really be nice to get a device that would regulate the water temperature in the livewell. A set it and forget it type device. That would keep us from having to put ice in the livewell to keep the fish cool. An after market device that can be installed in existing rigs.

by Guy Williams

Sounds like 100 grand boats are coming soon and more 10 boat tournaments. Lol

by George Kramer

Get your money in, Williams. You’ll be a top 10’er. 🙂

Its just a tool remember. But some tools are just a little nicer than others.

by Terry Foreman

I really like Darlene’s idea. Maybe with the new lithium ion batteries that last a week on a charge, because you’d need a lot to cool water. Or use a Honda 2500 watt generator? Heaven help us…