Despite hovering more than 50 points out of 10th place on the FLW Tour, Ish Monroe is having a very good year in his two-circuit season so far. In fact, as the fourth place pro in the Bassmaster Elites behind Edwin Evers, Skeet Reese and KVD, just one more good finish on the other side with the FLW guys and Monroe could be looking at “Best of” status in his home state.

We’ve always liked it when an angler scores well in multiple circuits. Ish would be hard to ignore (well, he’s always hard to ignore) if he were to move up to top 20 in one and top 5 in the other of the major tours. Reese, if things go as they often do, would only have the edge with a top 5 (or of course, if he were to grab Angler of the Year in B.A.S.S.) should Monroe not improve with FLW and hold his Elite level.

Still a threat, Brent Ehrler is a winner this year and third in the FLW Tour Angler of the Year race, so nothing is decided in June. Also, there has already been some rumbling for NorCal’s Mark Daniels, Jr. who won his way into the FLW Tour next year, by way of his TBF success (winning the national championship on Grand Lake).

So, there is still time for advancements, strong finishes, huge bags and trophy fish before we figure out a 2013 “Top 40.” So I can wait.




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King Kramer’s Top 40 List! The list of all lists… gets all of the attention in the world for good reason. Very exciting stuff George and I am on the edge of my seat.