Like many others, I had no idea Kevin VanDam had retired from tournament bass fishing. I mean, I think I still see him on old B.A.S.S. re-runs and Bass Pro Shops commercials, don’t I? Still, I just checked in on the World Rankings, and right there on the home page, there is no KVD!

I see Skeet Reese, Ish Monroe and Brent Ehrler (all with Golden State addresses, I might add) but not the 4-time Bassmaster Classic champion. [Okay, KVD did not retire.] But I’m thinking, despite his resume, if VanDam doesn’t get back into the win column and we don’t see his initials, we’re probably going to forget about him.

Of course, it goes both ways. We’re not generally following the Elite Tour results, and frankly only the FLW’s a little more, due to our Everstart connection here in the West. But you can be pretty sure the audience on the other side of the Mississippi is not that keen on what goes on here–especially when some our most prominent anglers are not participating.

For example, the Clear Lake Open going on this week does not have as much interest around because of who is not entered. I was talking with an industry type previously and he referred to the Upstate Open entries list as a “lackluster roster.”

I’m sure he wasn’t referring to the talent level, but for all the video promos of the event by “name” players–none of those names actually fished. Go figure.

I guess those guys didn’t want to be guilty of being out of sight and out of mind.


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Very simple smaller payoff smaller field.

by George Kramer

But what came first? And why?

I heard it was a unique circumstance where many of these top western anglers were suddenly invited to fish this BASS even back east, in which a victory would qualify them for the Bassmaster Classic. I don’t know enough about BASS to know if this is a normal circumstance, but my guess is BASS would not like to see us have two successful Opens in the west, so that may have factored into it.