bluestone again

LAKE SKINNER gets the copper sulphate again tomorrow.

We can debate how long or to what degree treating the algae will affect the the bass bite. But one thing you won’t be able to do tomorrow is launch–they’re closing Lake Skinner, June 17, as they “bluestone” for the second time in five weeks.

Was out again this morning, trying to take advantage of what has been a very productive topwater bite, but the fog burnt off in less than an hour and there were no clouds to speak of.

If I hadn’t decided to throw a chugger at the point next to the marina dock, I might have missed the whole deal. The best of two quick ones went 5-7 (thought it was a little better, but what the hey).

The rest of the day I had to duke it out with a frog in the cheese, or pitch the green weenie with red flake. Did not score a very good percentage on the blow-ups–I think I’ve got the yips.

Anyway, when I was getting inspected prior to leaving (and pondering if I give it another try tomorrow) the ranger said, “We just got a call–they’re going to bluestone tomorrow.” So that takes care of that. Remember, the gates will be closed to boats tomorrow, June 14.



2 Responses to “Bluestone alert–again. Tomorrow.”

George, how long does it usually take for the effects of the bluestone to wear off?

by George Kramer

The general rule of thumb is two weeks. However, they don’t hit every inch of the lake with the chemicals and some portions closer to the dam/outlet will get more treatment, while other areas or pockets don’t seem to be affected. Because the fish are mostly shallow at Skinner, they probably feel more of the effects than where more bass live deeper. I’ll usually go back there after a week–and just fish more different areas.