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GOOD SHOW, bad fit…

I know it dates me, but the truth be known, I don’t like “slim fit” suits. Frankly, even a younger, athletic guy looks like he bought the wrong size.

Likewise, I have no interest in Go-Pro cameras. I’m not saying one shouldn’t buy the gear. They are fun and ideal for a younger, techno generation that likes replaying exuberant fist-pumping and such, not to mention, opportunities to get on World’s Dumbest Daredevils.

I apologize, of course. I don’t believe that all Go-Pro users specifically shoot for those latter opportunities. Yet so many are happy to capitalize on them.

Personally, all the awkward, unrehearsed and errant casts, hook-sets and exulting are things I don’t want to spend time editing out. It’s bad enough they happened in the first place; what could be worse than making them public?

But times have changed so much. Years ago, one of the real experts in the techniques of fishing (casting, hooking and landing) David Myers and I discussed a possible “service” to serious anglers. Just like a technical adviser in other sports, we thought we might film (no video then) anglers in action and help them fix the flaws in their game.

The only problem, nobody wanted to pay to be critiqued–even though it might actually improve their chances at making money as a competitive angler.

Now, ironically, everyone is happy to be on video while also excusing themselves for anything we might witness onscreen. You know, like wearing one of those slim fit suits.








8 Responses to “I’m thinking, don’t get caught on video…”

Nowadays, isn’t everyone a “pro” or a “hero”? It seems the most important benchmark of popularity is how many followers “like you” or somehow feel compelled to sacrifice a few precious minutes of their life force paying attention to your Tweets. Alas, I don’t wear skinny suits or have a Facebook page. I only have those same old goofy friends who I can call any time day or night if I have a big enough problem. If that isn’t enough then maybe, some day, I may have to go viral.

by Jojo Norwood

I’d have loved to have seen how I fished years ago when I was in my prime…. LOL

I don’t even like my picture taken unless I’m holding a huge bass…and that was so long ago, George doesn’t even remember…and HE took the picture! LOL

by Guy Williams

Some are interested in “look at me” while others are interested in the results. I’d rather cash checks and stack plaques in the shadows.

by Kevin Linehan

Can’t understand the whole Go Pro phenomenon. We definitely live in a “look at me” society.

Cult of personality

The Go Pro phenomenon of documenting fishing exploits probably took off because it’s so much easier than having someone hold an old Super 8 camera from your day. You only have three minutes of running time on a Super 8 cartridge, not to mention limited sound options. Plus you still have to develop, splice and edit. There’s also the issue of having to own a projector and screen. And wrangling a captive audience.

I totally see why people like Go Pro cameras.

by George Kramer

GoPro is just a symptom (as most of the posters have noted). But yes, it is incredibly advanced.