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FEAR OF INFO makes every call suspect…

One of the most aggravating assignments I ever had in my writing career was interviewing a local marlineer for a saltwater publication. The guy and his boat were very well thought of in the billfish community, so I really thought I would get something worthwhile for my story.

But his response was not to provide even the suggestion of a tip. Instead, his answer to virtually every query regarding successful marlin angling was: “Information.” Apparently, only the guy with the best contacts wins.

Juxtapose that to former U.S. Open winner (more…)

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DOUBLE CLICK the Ugly Stik…

First off, let me say, rod designers and manufacturers with their access to advanced, out-of-world materials have taken rod construction beyond the realm of SciFi.

Unfortunately, while following that somewhat Hollywood-ish course, bass fishermen have let a little too much of that “How do I look?” creep into their game.

I say that having received an interesting delivery: a brand new (more…)

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sick, man

SICK, MAN that thing really does work.

Sometimes we don’t need the whole encyclopedia on a bait, just a few chapter headings to get us going in the right direction. For soft swimbaits that require a weighted hook, I went to up-and-comer Garrett Lorenzen to post a few thoughts on the use of this style, as compared to the many other offerings, both hard and soft.

He’s had some remarkable catches on these lures from San Diego to Riverside County, thus his input fits well in this little part of Bassdom.

So here it is, short and sweet. (more…)

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all new pavement

ROAD to nowhere has new asphalt.

If you’ve got your distances and times down for flat or rough conditions, a U.S. Open prefish is just a matter of driving out to the key areas of Lake Mead and starting your search ahead of the Sept. 9-11 derby.

Whether its the Lower Basin from Callville Bay; the Gyp Beds to Sandy Point out of Temple Bar; or maybe Walker Wash to the Meadows out of Echo Bay, as Open challenger Dick Watson has said, “Just put the trolling motor on high and start covering water.”

But maybe not from the latter site. (more…)

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a better bite

YOUR CONNECTION could produce and hold a big bite.

One of the nice things about hanging around bass anglers is they sometimes give up some helpful info–even little things that could make a difference. You probably have some in your bag, but in case these are new to you, just add add them to your inventory.

These things refer to connections. Whether on the angler end or the fish end, connections matter, especially on topwater. Baits typically perform best (angler end) when the connection enhances the lure’s properties. And on the fish end, anything that might keep a jumper connected has got to be a plus.

Maybe you’ve heard or read Rick Clunn’s advice (more…)

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it's a start

BASS says: Bait Ball good; Three-in-One bad…

You probably read the bashing Mike Jones gave to Kopper’s Fishing & Tackle Company over their “hit” lure, the Live Target Bait Ball, which won Best of Show at ICAST last week. I, however, am not quite so ready to dismiss the idea, even if the actual product falls short.

In the West, Bill Siemantel (and others who may have not used the same terminology) have been touting the role of “illusion” when it comes to the effectiveness of a given bait.

An “illusion of reality” is Bill’s jargon for the concept, which if I may interpret, means bass respond, not because your bait is (more…)

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small ball in the sky

THE SUN was a small orange ball on Wednesday…

Just got back from ICAST in Las Vegas (the U.S. fishing tackle trade show) and by the time I’d be able to post, you will have read all about “best of show” and then the little side stories that sometimes appear. I’ll probably have more in the way of tackle notes next week, but since its the weekend, here’s some photos of the trip.

Do they have much to do about bass fishing? Some do. I sure didn’t expect to run into the fire up on Mt. Charleston, or the sky in such an eerie fashion. That the temperatures ranged from 99 to as much as 107 was strange, with rain on two late night/early mornings. (more…)

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WHICH RAMP will we use for the 2013 U.S. Open?

Water level monitoring is a reality and part of the equation for fishing in the desert.

Having charted the water levels of Lake Mead over the last decade, the trend has been that July numbers usually stay relatively close to the eventual September elevations–within one to three feet.

Although the actual level for the U.S. Open (Sept. 10-13) is unknown, we do know the current level is 1105.68. (more…)

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Morning bite

Water down, action up at Skinner.

UPDATED UPDATE, July 12. Lake reopens July 17!!!

What’s it been? Fifteen years or more?¬† My son Adam¬† joined me on Lake Skinner today for his first shot at bass since he let go of one of my Team Daiwa rigs along the dam at Lake Perris.

It wasn’t that he’s been serving a penalty, the kid’s just been busy coaching, teaching and getting on with life.

Well, it’s safe to say, he remembered the important stuff: like how to cast, whats a bite feel like, and oh yeah: hold onto the rod. (more…)

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