Morning bite

Water down, action up at Skinner.

UPDATED UPDATE, July 12. Lake reopens July 17!!!

What’s it been? Fifteen years or more?¬† My son Adam¬† joined me on Lake Skinner today for his first shot at bass since he let go of one of my Team Daiwa rigs along the dam at Lake Perris.

It wasn’t that he’s been serving a penalty, the kid’s just been busy coaching, teaching and getting on with life.

Well, it’s safe to say, he remembered the important stuff: like how to cast, whats a bite feel like, and oh yeah: hold onto the rod.

The 2-pounders were biting, and while they don’t look so impressive in the hands of a 6-foot, 4-inch former collegiate goalkeeper, they made our half-day trip entertaining.

Lots of these

LOTS OF 2-pounders on the day…

FISH REPORT: As for the lake, it wasn’t the same as last week, when I stumbled onto the fact the biting fish were deeper than the weeds–roughly 22 to 27 feet,which meant an exposed jig head worked fine. Suddenly, they were more in the 10 to 15-foot tier, with a few bites even shallower along the edge of the reeds, up on the bars, but more related to the grass.

That’s what was different. What was the same was, after the first hour in the morning, they were still eating the 6-inch oxblood/red flake worm–only the drop-shot kept the bait cleaner. The kid also cleaned out the tray of those softies, so now I’ve got to grab some more.

HEADS UP: According to the boat inspector, the lake will be hosting yet another festival, July 10 through 14, so the lake will be closed to boats during that period. However, for those with a flexible work schedule, that does mean that Monday, July 15 (ATTENTION: Lake reopens on Tuesday, July 16) should provide a shot at some easy fish.

morning slug

ONE HOOK POINT was enough to hold this near 7-pounder. Dang that Frenzy Popper.

THE PRICE OF POKER–As I hunted around for discontinued Berkley Frenzy Poppers last week, I got lucky and found some. And then, I had some inquiries regarding parting with some of these “prizes.”

In the name of scientific method, therefore, I tied on one in the bullfrog pattern, a color I wasn’t sure of, but which I had the most. But after about an hour of casting this morning, I’m going to have to rethink “value.”

That yellow-bellied bait drew five strikes, three of which I landed, with the last pushing 7 pounds.

I wouldn’t gouge anyone, but right now, I’m thinking these are worth a bit more more than I imagined. Before I part with any, I’m going to give ’em a little more field testing.



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Those sound like good contest prizes! Nice fish btw!