WHICH RAMP will we use for the 2013 U.S. Open?

Water level monitoring is a reality and part of the equation for fishing in the desert.

Having charted the water levels of Lake Mead over the last decade, the trend has been that July numbers usually stay relatively close to the eventual September elevations–within one to three feet.

Although the actual level for the U.S. Open (Sept. 10-13) is unknown, we do know the current level is 1105.68.

What does that mean by way of perspective? On July 4th, the lake is down 10 feet from a year ago, yet it is two feet higher than it was in 2011, which was 13 feet higher than 2010 on this date. The bigger trend has been downward, but for the desert angler, it can have a more specific meaning.

If you were fishing cuts and reefs in 16 to 18 feet of water last September, those may be barely 6 to 8 feet deep. And no doubt, contestants who threw topwater last year will find some of their banks are now up on the bank. Of course, you can watch the lake level on a daily chart, and that may ease your mind.


CASTING will probably tell you more than mapping…

Perhaps that is one of the reasons the lake plays no favorites. A yearly logbook is always subject to change. And even though slowly dropping water and receding grass growth are expected, the actual impact in a given area is hard to gauge. Mountains and canyon walls still cast shadows–but will they cast them over your water?

My worries are more nuts and bolts. Like will we be launching from the main ramp at Callville Bay or the auxiliary ramp (pictured) that was completed a few years back? Sure, those kinds of things are logistical issues for a tournament staff, but I’m one of those guys who sweats the details. Where will we park? Where will they set up the scales? How far will I have to hike? When I know, I put them out of my mind.

As for the question, “Where did all those 4-pounders go that they caught in the Lucas Oil teams this spring?” I got that one.

They always go on vacation during the summer.





5 Responses to “Lake Mead & the ‘level’ of competition”

George your poor hammer shad looks like it has been hammered numerous times!!! Do you need a new one? lol!!!

by George Kramer

If my tournament had only been as good as my practice on the Rico… 🙂

by Jason Burchfield

I hear ya on that george 😛

by John Morrow

George I am really looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the guys at the U.S. Open. This is my favorite tournament, and you are my favorite writer. Have a good practice and see you there.

by George Kramer

Thanks, John. I just hope I don’t need my binoculars to see where the leaders are ahead of me. 😉