small ball in the sky

THE SUN was a small orange ball on Wednesday…

Just got back from ICAST in Las Vegas (the U.S. fishing tackle trade show) and by the time I’d be able to post, you will have read all about “best of show” and then the little side stories that sometimes appear. I’ll probably have more in the way of tackle notes next week, but since its the weekend, here’s some photos of the trip.

Do they have much to do about bass fishing? Some do. I sure didn’t expect to run into the fire up on Mt. Charleston, or the sky in such an eerie fashion. That the temperatures ranged from 99 to as much as 107 was strange, with rain on two late night/early mornings.


bps stop

HAD TO STOP, of course…


fire freeway

THE RED MOUNTAINS were ablaze when I headed that way, southwest of the Strip.


smoke city

SMOKE CITY was the story as the winds blew off the mountain.



Icast show site

THE ICAST SHOW was held at the Convention Center, but the next two years it moves to Florida.


eyewear best

BEST OF SHOW awards always get the buzz.


crowd pleaser

CROWD PLEASER Ish Monroe was talking new products as well. Many of the top name bass anglers were present in Las Vegas.



2 Responses to “Photo log of my trip to ICAST…”

Wow George.
I was all over that show for 3 days and never bumped into you.

by George Kramer

I think that’s why the Boy Scouts teach lost hikers to stay in one place, otherwise they’re more likely to miss contact with a search party. 😉