all new pavement

ROAD to nowhere has new asphalt.

If you’ve got your distances and times down for flat or rough conditions, a U.S. Open prefish is just a matter of driving out to the key areas of Lake Mead and starting your search ahead of the Sept. 9-11 derby.

Whether its the Lower Basin from Callville Bay; the Gyp Beds to Sandy Point out of Temple Bar; or maybe Walker Wash to the Meadows out of Echo Bay, as Open challenger Dick Watson has said, “Just put the trolling motor on high and start covering water.”

But maybe not from the latter site. Going north up the Overton Arm is a totally a different scenario in 2013. The highway from the intersection of Lake Mead Blvd. and Northshore Road on up to Echo Bay is basically a dead end street. Oh, you can drive to the town of Overton if you like, but I don’t know what you’re gonna do with that boat and trailer you’re pulling.

empty marina

ECHO BAY has an empty marina.

sign says it

SIGN says it all down at end of the ramp.

I made a dash out there during the ICAST show last week to see the effects of lower water and what I found was the dock had been removed and the signs were pretty clear: “Launch at your own risk.” Likewise, no fuel is available here either.

I know it will be somewhat interesting out at Temple Bar. But even at the current lake level (1105.20, still 10 feet below 2012), they’ll find a way to get you in, especially if you’re staying in one of the cabins.

The marina staff just pulled up projections for the summer and they see 1104 for the end of August and 1103 and decimals for the end of September. Not a big change at all.

low water ramp

CALLVILLE’s low water facilities not needed at this time.

As for Callville, the main ramp was still operational the week of July 12. That means you can headquarter there even with a potential switch-over to the low water incline. And that seems unlikely.

I won’t know exactly how the fish are summering up until I get there to kick things off in August, but I have to believe the lake is setting up for another horse race. It’s a level field and a very fast track. Unfortunately, I can’t fish a lick with my trolling motor on high–prefish or otherwise.



5 Responses to “Still time for prefishing…just not from here”

Thanks my good friend for the update, and the Open would not be the same without you…

What makes it the OPEN is to some degree the history and tradition, but more so the incredible anglers who fish it each year. Rick and George are both class acts, and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you again competing in the U.S. OPEN again this year.

We launched at temple bar just fine last weekend. ABA had a tournament and we won it with over 15 pounds with a 6.03 big fish. Fishing was great!

by Otay Michael

And we thought DVL had a long walk back up the ramp!

by George Kramer

Good to hear, Kevin. And hey, there hasn’t been a 6-pounder caught in the Open since the 1980’s that I can recall. Nice work. And Michael, I hear you. But we did have some mountain climbing at Diamond for a while. I remember. 🙂