sick, man

SICK, MAN that thing really does work.

Sometimes we don’t need the whole encyclopedia on a bait, just a few chapter headings to get us going in the right direction. For soft swimbaits that require a weighted hook, I went to up-and-comer Garrett Lorenzen to post a few thoughts on the use of this style, as compared to the many other offerings, both hard and soft.

He’s had some remarkable catches on these lures from San Diego to Riverside County, thus his input fits well in this little part of Bassdom.

So here it is, short and sweet.

“I tend to reach for a weighted hook for swimbaits such as the Trash Fish and the Basstrix simply because of their profile and weedless ability. The Trash Fish [see Havoc Sick Fish as well] can be fished in a multitude of situations involving, weeds/grass lines, standing timber, tules, rock and riprap.

“The weighted hook keeps the bait upright while resting on the bottom of [in] the cover you are fishing. The weighted swim bait hook also allows you to experiment with variations of weight size, depending on depth.

“I usually fish these style hooks [up to 7/0 depending on bait size] on 14- to 25-pound fluorocarbon and sometimes when I can get away with it, 50-65-pound braided line depending on water clarity, pressure and the cover I am fishing.”

And that should provide a nice foundation when you’re walking down the tackle shop aisles or checking on-line sales.