DOUBLE CLICK the Ugly Stik…

First off, let me say, rod designers and manufacturers with their access to advanced, out-of-world materials have taken rod construction beyond the realm of SciFi.

Unfortunately, while following that somewhat Hollywood-ish course, bass fishermen have let a little too much of that “How do I look?” creep into their game.

I say that having received an interesting delivery: a brand new Shakespeare Ugly Stik, GX2 (actually a combo). Now I haven’t been following the product line that much, because I, too, tend to follow the trendsetters, and admit, I’m quite satisfied with the Lamiglas line-up, that makes up 80 percent of my personal arsenal.

But what if I didn’t? And what if I weren’t involved in the fishing business for 40 years and had to purchase every single piece of equipment I use–and still have something left for Christmas and my nine kids?

Well, having played around with this cosmetically challenged outfit, I’m thinking, this is just the kind of rugged and functional stuff I would put my money on. Of course, in our fashion-conscious bass fishing world, I might have to develop some thicker skin. I can imagine barbs coming from my stylish friends.

But as sports talker Colin Cowherd might say, “That’s a me problem.” After all, if the stuff works and you can readily afford it, remind me why that is such a bad thing?

stainless rings

STAINLESS RINGS won’t pop out. Tough stuff.

Now, I can’t say that that fiberglass tip is actually more sensitive. It might be if I were holding the first guide from the tip, but like you, I fish from the handle end. But clearly the solid tip enhances the overall tip action of this rod, and that puts it right there among the best in fast tip design. With one huge advantage. You can screw up bouncing a fish or scraping a dock and not break the dang thing.

And look at those guides. The rod was always touted as nearly unbreakable, but now the guides are one-piece stainless with no ring to pop out. You want to stretch your budget, arm your kids/spouse with durable stuff that works, I’m thinking, you need to quit playing tackle fashionista.

And if you do, you won’t be alone. Looking at the last few months of results on tackle purchases on, what’s the nation’s leading selling rod? You got it. And it ain’t pretty.


3 Responses to “That whole fashion thing? It’s pretty Ugly”

Might be a reason why they call it an “Ugly” stick.

by Guy Williams

I can see it now. GK on the U.S. Open podium thanking Shakespeare for his “Ugly Stik” that helped him win.

Doug Stange (In-Fisherman) uses Ugly Stiks for catfishing. I have a very old Ugly Stik that my ex used for saltwater fishing.