FORMER CASTAIC pro Aaron Martens earned the B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year title for 2013.

I remember, it used to chafe Roland Martin. He’ll probably go to his grave having never won the Bassmasters Classic, but when he was winning the B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year titles to the tune of nine times during a 14-year span, about all he got was a plaque and a round of applause.

Well, there was that one year back when I was covering the ceremony, I think B.A.S.S and Ray Scott came up with $500 to go with that pat on the back. Nice.

Today, for the Bassmasters (even those that get into the Classic for one good finish during the entire year), for an industry that wants both glamor and staying power (more…)

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why we buy

WHAT moves us to buy certain gear?

Was just looking a short news release from AnglerSurvey.com regarding one’s motivation in making a new tackle purchase. The responses, though not unexpected, put down in black and white what we often consider when we buy new gear.

Number one on the list was  “personal experience” that motivated 72.1 percent of the respondees to buy an item. And yet, when you get down to hard realities, am I really going to use someone else’s stuff (or are you going to loan it to me) so I can have that personal experience to influence me?

I know that some fly fishing shops have a pond (more…)

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what's under there

A PEEK at what’s under the rub rail: screws holding it in place.

Had I thought about it, I would have first taken a photo of a couple of little bulges along the rub rail of my three-year old Nitro. Well, first, I would have had to notice them, but Joe Uribe, Jr. over at Anglers Marine, noticed instead and sent me home with some easy instructions to follow.

Along the cap line of the hull/deck the rub rail is a bumper of sorts, being the most outward edge of the sides of your rig. More importantly, according to Joe, the bracket that secures the rail is screwed into the fiberglass, although in older boats it was likely riveted.

So, like everything threaded, (more…)

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thumb_nonresident-AIS-decalThe things you don’t know could hurt you, so here’s a heads-up on a decal requirement for anyone taking a boat on Lake Mead (read site of the 2013 U.S. Open). This one got by me, but as I have discovered, effective January 1 of this year, a Nevada aquatic invasive species (AIS) decal will need to be affixed to your boat.

And, while making no admission of wrong-doing, I’m passing along information I got just today regarding this stipulation, actually passed by the Nevada State Legislature back in 2011.

You can roll your eyes over the motive (more…)

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RAIN needed to keep the guys coming to Lake Elsinore…

Praying for rain may be at once either fruitless or presumptuous, but with the Lake Elsinore water level hovering at barely 7 inches above the “danger” level of 1240 feet (actually 1240.60 as of Aug. 12) the need [for precipitation] exists.

Any of the longtime residents can tell you: low water, hot summers and low oxygen lead to unfortunate fish kills.

Still, I like the hopeful attitude of the Lake, Parks & Recreation Dept. Its head man, Pat Kilroy, let me know in an email that he has made a proposal (more…)

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Local residents

LOCALS still present–Bighorn not amused.

Pre-practice for the U.S. Open went off as planned last week (with the exception all the rooms were taken at Temple Bar Marina so I headquartered in Henderson). Basically, that meant getting to the extreme ends of the lake about the same time as the actual tournament hours. Realistic, but it really shortened the morning topwater action.

With Echo Bay closed and no room at Temple, Rick Grover suggested the next best, staying at the Sunset Station, and that shortened the trip to the water each morning. (more…)

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first on the hill

FIRST it (Falls Fire) was up on the hill…

time to leave

THEN it burned down our way (gray home) …

Of course, many people had far more harrowing experiences and far greater losses than we saw last week, (we lost a pet for a night) but the latest El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) report suggests we’re not going to get help on either the fire danger or the raising of reservoir levels.

Specifically, here are some excerpts from the official statement from the Climate Prediction Center on August 8:

ENSO-neutral conditions persisted during July 2013, as reflected by (more…)

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fire 1

AS MANY AS 11 aircraft fighting this fire above Lake Elsinore it was reported.

The earlier post on KGF with fire fighting helicopters has been pulled. The fire has grown from 10 acres and the danger is real up on the hill. You can find out more information from your local news outlet or website.

Wildfires are just too unpredictable to address in anything but serious terms. Apologies to anyone affected by this blaze or by my earlier, more optimistic assessment of the situation.

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Main ramp July 11

CALLVILLE Bay will be close to this in September. Photo 7-11-13.

Nobody says it more often than I do. The half-time score doesn’t mean a thing.

But if you like comparisons, it might be worth noting that the Lake Mead ‘summerfest’ (AKA U.S. Open) is running significantly ahead of schedule with regard to early, paid entrants. Ninety-three (93)–the official number of boaters signed up today–is way ahead of the 2012 count.

True, last year, there was a late rush and it turned out to be a pretty good field. But when I see 93 compared to 53 pros at the same time a year ago, that’s a dramatic increase. (more…)

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